Do you feel attractive? Do men notice you?  Do you sometimes feel invisible? Ninety three percent of attraction is non-verbal and based on how you feel about yourself! Your dating results are not based solely on your looks. Learn how to avoid five things that drive men away. Get in touch with your inner Goddess … Read more

Dating Over 40: Dating Decisions – Do You Seesaw?

  Men contact you online. You look at their profiles and weigh the odds. Will you like him? Are you attracted to him? Was his write up dull or intriguing? Is he active enough, smart enough, fun enough? Sometimes you know immediately whether or not a man is worth investigating. But other times, how do … Read more

Dating Over 40: Why Women Think All Men Stink and How that Affects Dating Success

Between the Wall Street news and US politics, I have been in search of some levity. And I found it at Defending the Caveman, a one man show at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT.  Originally on Broadway, this show was both highly entertaining and amazingly insightful. Taking things to the most elemental … Read more

Ronnie on the Radio

Listen to Ronnie on the Radio NETWORKING SINGLES RADIO SHOW Thursday 2/26/09 Listen to live broadcast at  6-7pm est click on listen button   LA TALK RADIO The Art of Love Radio show with Lucia Great interview with Lucia last Sunday. Listen here!

Dating Over 40: Are you ready to have the time of your life or waiting to get motivated?

My client Sharon called in for her monthly coaching appointment last night. We talked about how things were going on her dating journey. What had she done to find the love she wants? Surprisingly, Sharon had done very little. She did have a number of excellent excuses. For example: work was really busy, she’s remodeling … Read more

Dating Over 40: 8 Minute Dating is Back in CT!

Good news! For a long time now, 8 Minute Dating has been lacking in hostesses and so there haven’t been many events. But in April, Hartford has three events up to age 49 and New Haven County has three as well. For some reason, two of the events are actually listed in New Haven, and … Read more