Speak Up Like Rayna – Maybe You’ll Meet Your Paul Simon

At a recent Paul Simon concert, he announced that his next number would be the song Duncan. From the audience, a woman named Rayna was very excited with that choice. Rayna had learned to play guitar with that song and she screamed this out to Paul. Amazingly, he not only heard her, but invited her … Read more

Online Dating – A Real Relationship Reguires More than Email

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, For 3 months I’ve been chatting online with a man who lives 2.5 hours away. A month ago he asked me out and we agreed to give a relationship a try. Due to scheduling conflicts on both sides, our date was set for this Saturday, May 7th. The plan was … Read more

Shriver and Schwarzenegger Officially Separated

Yup, its true, Arnold and Maria have released a statement announcing their separation after 25 years of marriage. According to the article, Maria tweeted several times on April 26, the date of their wedding anniversary, with no mention of the milestone. To me, that’s just plain sad. Think about it – 25 years – that’s … Read more

The Royal Wedding – Leverage the Global Love Bubble to Attract Your Own Love

    The Royal Wedding is today! At 6am edt, coverage begins of the British fairytale marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Will you be watching? Even a little bit of the pomp and ceremony? This might surprise you, but I recommend watching some fo the coverage. As your dating coach, I have very … Read more

All the Good Princes Are Taken: Royal Wedding is this Weekend!

What kind of a dating coach would I be if I didn’t blog about the royal wedding? At this point in time, its pretty hard to ignore the upcoming nuptials as they are splashed across every media outlet available. For some, the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton is totally captivating, appealing to the … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Don’t Seek Love like Kelly from the Real Housewives of NYC

Have you ever watched any of the Real Housewives series on BRAVO? It’s a misnomer in countless ways, since many of the women aren’t housewives. This is a “reality” show in the true Bravo tradition, chock-full of drama between rich women in several cities. What has this got to d0 with dating? Recently on the … Read more

Earth Day 2011 – Celebrate the Goddess

Today is Earth Day. Did you do anything yet to commemorate the day? This “green-focused” holiday celebrates the earth and is designed to raise consciousness about how we treat our “Mother.” I took part in a special ceremony to honor the Goddess, our Earth Mother. We honored her with offerings of cornmeal and water, took … Read more

Dating Over 40: Why Can’t I Find a Good Man?

Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach, I just can’t find a man or a man that I like. I travel a lot, and go out too. 99.9% of men think I am attractive. I have done the online dating. and some men ask, “What are you doing here? You can find a man easily.” Oh boy. But, I … Read more

Finding Love: Why is the Emotionally Unavailable Man So Attractive?

The guy you’re seeing has this magnetic pull over you. He’s good looking but his voice – oooh. Or maybe he has fabulous eyes, like deep pools you can dive into. It could be the way he puts his hand on the small of your back, leading the way. He has that certain something, a … Read more

Finding Love: Are You Filing Taxes Single Again this Year?

So April 15th is on the horizon -it’s  tax day! Are you filing single again? I hope you take a moment to think not about your taxes, but your relationship status. It’s time you start making a serious effort to meet new people. Here are some ideas that will help! First let’s start with ATTITUDE. Oh … Read more

Dating Over 40: Why the Flirts Have It!

Do you flirt? What do you think of women who flirt? Do you have an attitude about women who use their feminine charm to gain male attention? I hope you said “No”, because flirting is essential to meeting good men today. Oh yes, it’s true. Flirting is a fun and playful way to interact with men. … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Do You Have Tiger Blood Like Charlie Sheen?

Are you one of those Charlie Sheen followers? He has acquired over 2 million twitter followers from what I understand. His antics are entertaining. During an interview on the Today Show, the “take no blame” actor claims he has Tigerblood which makes him impervious to the dangers of addiction. Turns out Tigerblood is actually a snow cone … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Where Are You Hiding Your Spirit?

Today I had a Feng Sui and Space Clearing Practitioner come to my home. This is what I call serious “Spring Cleaning” to help remove old or stagnant energy and make room for something new and fabulous! I do this every once in a while to make sure the energy keeps moving and remains harmonized for … Read more

Dating Over 40: What’s Your Role in Dating as a Woman?

Last night I ran the last of the 90 Day Challenge Group Coaching Course. During the workshop, we were talking about the Yin Yang theory of dating. I explained gender roles in dating by starting with the Yin Yang symbol Westerners have become very familiar with. First, I asked listeners to think about the symbol … Read more

Dating Over 40: Should You Ask a Man for Advice on Dating? Enter Donny Deutsch

There’s a new love guru  and he’s a MAN! Yes, Donny Deutsch, Madison Avenue Ad Guy and cancelled CNBC TV Show Host (The Big Idea), Donny is a savvy opportunist. Like many others, this smart business man watches trends and sees the writing on the wall. Matchmakers like Patti Stanger and Matt Titus have paved … Read more

May 3 – MANifesting Mr. Right – Mystics by the Sea in Milford, CT

Maybe you’re single again, frustrated with dating or wonder where the good men are. You could be looking for your first love or to find love for the second time (or even third!) In this workshop, discover: Seven proven dating strategies to rev up your love life and find love again. How to attract men … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Stand Up for Yourself to Maintain Boundaries

By day I’m a dating coach. By night (actually by day also), I’m a web marketer and writer. However, to me, everything in life is like dating. The web business can be fun and exciting and like everything else, unbelievably trying. Currently, I have a difficult client who doesn’t understand boundary issues. That certainly can be seen … Read more

Dating Over 40: When Online Dating Just Stinks!

Everytime I speak or present a workshop on any dating topic, the conversation is guaranteed to end up on how online dating stinks! People are frustrated, angry, bitter, confused and fall into despair about this method to meet new people. What are they mad about? Here’s what my dating coaching clients tell me who are … Read more

Dating After Divorce: He Left Me and I’m So Heartbroken

Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach, Almost three years ago my marriage of 22 years broke up. I was upset, but not heartbroken. Now I just broke up with a man I was seeing for 7 months. Everything was fine, but he decided he could not see a future because of our kids, so broke it off. I … Read more

Dating Over 40: I Need to Meet a Top Executive

Who are you looking to meet? Have you spent time defining the type of man you want to be with? As a dating coach for women dating over 40 or dating after divorce, I highly recommend that you do. Developing a wish list is a great way to crystallize your vision of the right man. … Read more