I Want to Spend More Time Together, But He’s Too Busy to See Me

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, “I’m in my late 40s and have been dating Norman for two years. He’s been married before as I have and we both have grown up families who live in our respective towns. Norman has been single for a long time, and although he’s lived with a few women … Read more

Leap Year – It’s Sadie Hawkin’s Day. Will You Ask a Man Out?

  Happy Sadie Hawkins’ Day! Since ancient Rome was in power, an extra day has been added to February, giving the month it’s 29th day every four years. Due to the rarity of this day, many traditions have been created over time. Since the day is so unusual, it has prompted different cultures over the … Read more

Midlife Dating: Could I Be Too Nice?

How to Balance Pleasing Nature with Your Authentic Self Chances are you are a good person. On most days you do the right thing, whatever that means given the situation. You tend to have a good disposition and are kind. Does that mean you pay a penalty with men? Do you think it’s possible that … Read more

Singles in American Survey Says Less than 13% of American Singles Are Looking for Love!

Discover the Silver Lining in the Match.com Sponsored Research Study According to the second annual Singles in America Survey conducted on behalf of Match.com, only 12.7% of singles today are actively looking for a relationship! Can you believe that? As a dating coach for women, I find this number shocking. And yet, maybe not when … Read more

Ground Hog Day – Have You Seen Your “Dating Shadow Side”?

Are You a Clingy, Needy Woman Sabotaging Your Dating Success? What is your “Shadow Side” when it comes to dating? It’s that side of you that you prefer to ignore.  One powerful example of this is if you are a clingy, needy woman, a behavior that will definitely cause a man to high tail it. … Read more

5 Reasons Why Men Cheat vs. Leave the Relationship

Sadly, how many of you have had to handle a cheating man? This is purely crazy-making and heart breaking. Wreaking havoc, their destructive, callus behavior twists you into emotional knots that go very deep. This situation spawns countless questions. More than anything, women want to know why. Why did he cheat on me? Why her? … Read more

Sex is Better for Older Women – Oh Yeah!

Getting older, truly means getting better. According to an article in today’s Chicago Sun Times, a study of 806, mostly post-menopausal women, uncovered some extremely exciting findings. Turns out that the majority of older women from the study, with an average age of 67 years, found that sexual satisfaction increases with age, even if desire … Read more

Tired of Being Single and Silent Nights Alone?

Tired of being single? If you’ve been solo for a while, you have likely spent many nights alone. That’s the “Silent Night” I’m talking about, a take off on the age-old, classic Christmas song. Being single is certainly not all bad! No struggling with the covers. No snoring. At least not by anyone but you. … Read more

FREE Holiday Gifts from DatingWithoutDrama.com

Dear Friends, At holiday time, it’s nice to give back. To tell you the truth – I just love presents. Receiving is fun, but I love to give presents too! This year I am very grateful for being a part of the Dating Without Drama community as a dating coach contributing to Paige Parker’s fabulous … Read more

Rejection Email Goes Viral: Rule #1 – Never Write it Down!

Women often seek my dating advice on how to let a man know you’re not interested. This is tricky because you never really know who you are dealing with. Case in point – this article from the Huffington Post about an investment manager’s embarrassing email asking why he didn’t get  a second date. It seems … Read more

5 Tips to Survive a Breakup

Going though a breakup stinks at any age. Whether you are 22 or 42, a breakup is a loss that requires healing time. There are lots of ways to recover from a broken heart and what will work for each person varies. As a dating coach for women who are dating after divorce or dating … Read more

My Date Ran Hot and Cold – What Can I Do to Keep It Hot?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, What can I do about confusion over how my 2nd date ended? This weekend I had dates #1 and #2 (Friday and Saturday nights) with a guy I met online who traveled several hours to my city to meet after talking on the phone and e-mailing for a while. … Read more

Are All Men Liars, Cheaters and Unworthy of You?

Are Your Assumptions about Men Accurate? This weekend I had a table at a wonderful women’s event about beauty on the inside and out. I had several very interesting exchanges with some of the women in which they shared their beliefs about the men available on the “single’s scene”. Holy Moly – what an earful … Read more

Why Can’t Women Open Up to Love? A Widower’s Opinion

A few years ago I was teaching a continuing education class at a local school on finding Mr. Right. Much to my surprise, a man registered. No, he wasn’t gay looking for Mr. Right himself.  Fred was hoping to learn how to find Ms. Right after his dear wife of 25 years had passed away. … Read more

Siggy Flicker Answers the Question for VH1 Viewers, Why Am I Still Single?

Last week I was lucky to catch the premier of a new VH1 show on being single. The title, “Why Am I Still Single?” tips you off to what the show is all about. Dating Coach Siggy Flicker (OK you can’t make this stuff up-she’s 3rd from the left) out of New York City has … Read more

I Don’t Want to Chase Him, But He Doesn’t Initiate!

Dear Ronnie the Dating Coach for Women over 40, I have an interest for this guy who also works for the same company, but in a different building. He’s tall, dark and handsome, just the way I like them. The only thing is, he is really shy. We have gone for coffee and it went … Read more

Do I Have to Appear Needy to Attract a Man?

Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach for Women Over 40, I’m 52 years old and I look rather young for my years.  I haven’t had a date since my divorce 4 1/2 years ago.  No so much as a phone call.  I have tried Match.com and e-harmony with no luck.   I still haven’t found one … Read more