6 Essential First Date Lessons to Improve Your Love Life

A first date can be exciting and fun, but when there’s no follow up on the man’s end, it can also lead to disappointment. If this happens to you, check out these 6 first date lessons to live by. Dear Ronnie, Just had a first date and would love to hear your thoughts. I was … Read more

Find Love: To Text or Not to Text?

This question on how to find love is from one of my divorced clients who wants to know the signs and timing for a guy who is not interested. Plus, she wants to know if she can text him to keep the ball rolling. “Hi Ronnie. Hope you don’t mind this question. I had a … Read more

Dating Over 40: What if He Sets Dates Up via Text and Email?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, Men in Chicago are so frustrating! I met a new guy recently online who looks great “on paper”. We talked on the phone and he said he’d get back in touch to set up a plan to meet me the next day. It would have been so much more … Read more