Understanding Men: How Can I Tell If He’s Relationship Ready?

  Understanding men makes dating after 40 so much easier.   Are you dating to find lasting love? If so, you may be struggling to figure out who is ready. One of my clients told me how she has dated several men who don’t reveal things about themselves that she wished she had known sooner. … Read more

Dating After 40: Maybe I Don’t Really Want to Find Love

  Are you dating after 40 or thinking about it and wondering if it’s really worth the trouble? Here’s how I responded to one woman who asked this very question. “Hi Ronnie, I have had some thoughts recently regarding the idea that “first you need to be happy by yourself to be able to be … Read more

Dating after 40: Interview with Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan

Dating after 40 and looking for love? Listen to this 21 minute interview where I share some of my best dating tips and how I found the man of my dreams. Have I got a great audio for you! This week, Casper, who owns numerous dating sites contacted me. He interviewed me about dating after … Read more

Where Can I Meet Men After 40?

Single over 40 and ready to meet men? But where  are they, you ask? Read on to discover my proven tactics that helped me find love and my dating coaching too. “Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach I’m a 40 year old woman and consider myself to be attractive and in-shape as I work out regularly … Read more

Is He a Player? What You Need to Know When Dating After 40

Are You Dating a Player? Has this thought crossed your mind – Is he a player? You are dating a new guy who is AMAZING! He is so charming, attentive and seems to be seriously crushing on you. Whew its so dreamy and surprising. Your head is in the clouds and your feet don’t quite … Read more

Dating After 40: How I Knew I Met “The One”

If you know anything about my own success story about dating after 40 and finding love, then this will not be anything new. I like to share how I managed to find love to provide hope. Too many people have given up or feel there is so little promise out there.  My feeling is, if … Read more

Dating After 40: The Man I Date Must Be Spiritual

Are You Dating After 40 and Seeking a Long-Term Partner? Are you dating after 40 and wanting a spiritual man? That’s certainly your choice. But is it a real deal breaker? What’s really important to you? He has to be spiritual As a woman dating after 40, you have some clear ideas about who the … Read more

Why Men Mistake Your Ambivalence for Rejection

  I Want Love, But First I Have to Build My Business, Paint My House, Clean My Closets… This has been an interesting week. There has been a big surge in phone calls coming into “dating central” – my office on the second floor with a gorgeous view of flowering trees. With spring in the … Read more

Dating Red Flags and Phone Relationships: Should I Take it to the Next Level?

Dear Ronnie, “I am  43, never been married and am currently talking to a guy (long distance) that I’ve known for about 3 years now. We met in grad school in 2008 and did not reconnect until March 2009 via phone. We’ve been talking ever since. He is now divorced and told me that he has … Read more

How “Adopting Dater’s Mind” Helps You Find Love Faster

Find Love Faster with a Mind that’s a “Clean Slate” Do you know anything about Zen meditation? I studied Zen for a while in the early 90’s. They talk about “adopting beginner’s mind” which means to be open, to keep a clean slate, to look at everything with new eyes. That’s why in my book … Read more

Dating Over 40: Have We Become the Men We Want to Marry?

Gloria Steinem’s Quote from the 70’s Might Be Coming True 40 Years Later This is a totally crazy question isn’t it? Does it even make sense? After all, how could we become the men we want to date and marry? Let’s take a look at this idea. Back in the 1970’s, Gloria Steinem said, “We’re … Read more

Atlantic Monthly: Are Women Forced to Choose Between Deadbeats and Players?

Atlantic Monthly Article is NOT the Final Word on Your Chance of Finding a Decent Man! In a recent article published in the Atlantic Monthly, there was a Bible-length article entitled All the Single Ladies on the plight of single women in America. I haven’t finished it yet because, frankly, I’ve got things to do. … Read more

On this Valentine’s Day, Are You Reliving the Past or Facing the Future?

What a day! Valentine’s Day brings out so many emotions! Radio and TV talk show hosts bash the day as nothing more than another Hallmark Holiday. But that is not true. Valentine’s Day is not just consumerism at its best. This day is anchored in ancient history. Way back in ancient Rome, girls and boys … Read more

Singles in American Survey Says Less than 13% of American Singles Are Looking for Love!

Discover the Silver Lining in the Match.com Sponsored Research Study According to the second annual Singles in America Survey conducted on behalf of Match.com, only 12.7% of singles today are actively looking for a relationship! Can you believe that? As a dating coach for women, I find this number shocking. And yet, maybe not when … Read more

Do Your Feathers Get Ruffled by the Way Men Talk to You?

I read a great post on the Dating Goddess’s blog about what language choice has to say about who your date is. I think there is a lot of information in how a person expresses him or herself and much that we can learn. The Dating Goddess (DG) is a very successful business consultant whose … Read more

Can I Rekindle the Spark and Connection We Had at the Start?

Dear Ronnie the Dating Coach for Women, I am 40, and newly single. I’ve been seeing a man for about a month and I broke all your rules, but he is still calling me. At least for now. Things have definitely been cooling off. When we met, it was all electricity and we both felt … Read more

I Don’t Want to Chase Him, But He Doesn’t Initiate!

Dear Ronnie the Dating Coach for Women over 40, I have an interest for this guy who also works for the same company, but in a different building. He’s tall, dark and handsome, just the way I like them. The only thing is, he is really shy. We have gone for coffee and it went … Read more

Do I Have to Appear Needy to Attract a Man?

Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach for Women Over 40, I’m 52 years old and I look rather young for my years.  I haven’t had a date since my divorce 4 1/2 years ago.  No so much as a phone call.  I have tried Match.com and e-harmony with no luck.   I still haven’t found one … Read more

What Happens When You Know It All?

The Age-Old Question Continues – Why Didn’t He Call? Today I had a possible new client call me. Sandy is 32 and very well versed in today’s top dating books and self help gurus. Mention a book title or hot program to her  – Sandy knows all about it. I applaud her well-researched and in-depth … Read more