Why Can’t Women Open Up to Love? A Widower’s Opinion

A few years ago I was teaching a continuing education class at a local school on finding Mr. Right. Much to my surprise, a man registered. No, he wasn’t gay looking for Mr. Right himself.  Fred was hoping to learn how to find Ms. Right after his dear wife of 25 years had passed away. … Read more

Dating after Divorce: Why Doesn’t He Ask Me Out?

Dear Dating Coach, I’ve been divorced for 4 yrs and now I’ve become interested in a guy I work with. My friends tell me he likes me a lot and he lost his wife about 4 yrs ago. I’m very old fashion and wasn’t brought up to ask a guy out. He comes to visit … Read more

Dating Over 40: Am I Just Lucky to Have Found a Great Woman So Fast?

  Let me tell you about my dream client Fred, who is 64 and recently widowed. He is a good looking man on the short side – 5’7", in good shape and still working out, with some coin, who makes easy conversation and has a sense of humor.\ Fred came to me because he hadn’t dated … Read more

Dating Over 40: Sage Advice on Dating a Widower

My friend Terry Hernon MacDonald has a very insightful post on her blog about a relationship situation with a widower. Terry, who wrote the ebook How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams explains to the woman of 47 who requested help that instead of rushing things forward with the widower, it might … Read more