The Millionaire Matchmaker Becomes Her Own Client!

Last week’s episode #13, features Patti Stanger with a bevy of experts to help her find “The One”. Dr. Pat Allen seemed to be working as the facilitator, asking Patti what she was looking for – marriage, relationship or just dating. Patti didn’t hesitate a moment – she wants to get married and says it’s … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker: Boring with Bucks to Full Drag Queen

Last week’s episode of Bravo TV’s the Millionaire Matchmaker bridged both ends of the spectrum. From Frank Marino, a Vegas drag queen extraordinaire who dressed up to imitate Patti herself, to Jason the food king who was so dull even a body language coach couldn’t loosen him up. Talk about miles apart! How funny to … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker – A Tale of Two “So-Called” Nice Guys

The Arrogant Nice Guy and the Guy with TMI Turn to Patti Stanger for Dating Help I must apologize for being so far behind on my Millionaire Matchmaker commentaries! Not sure how that happened exactly, but let me catch you up on a couple of episodes. The tale of two nice guys includes finding matches … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Don’t Seek Love like Kelly from the Real Housewives of NYC

Have you ever watched any of the Real Housewives series on BRAVO? It’s a misnomer in countless ways, since many of the women aren’t housewives. This is a “reality” show in the true Bravo tradition, chock-full of drama between rich women in several cities. What has this got to d0 with dating? Recently on the … Read more

Dating Over 40: Should You Ask a Man for Advice on Dating? Enter Donny Deutsch

There’s a new love guru  and he’s a MAN! Yes, Donny Deutsch, Madison Avenue Ad Guy and cancelled CNBC TV Show Host (The Big Idea), Donny is a savvy opportunist. Like many others, this smart business man watches trends and sees the writing on the wall. Matchmakers like Patti Stanger and Matt Titus have paved … Read more

More Bad Press for the Millionaire Matchmaker

Not sure how many of you read the NY Post, but Thursday, they ran a piece on page 6 about the millionaires she’s been matching in this season. Let’s just say that several of them aren’t too happy with how they were portrayed, never mind the unhappy matches. A couple say that their business is … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker: Last Episode – More Drama than Matchmaking

Last night was the season finale of the Millionaire Matchmaker. Maybe I should say this, but I was very disappointed with the episode. totally over the top in the Bravo drama department, very little matchmaking substance. Let’s pick it apart shall we? First Stacy returns demanding an apology from Patti. Yeah, like that is going … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker: Russian Beauty and the Cookie Monster

Last night’s episode of the Millionaire Matchmaker did not disappoint. One of the very best from this dating coach’s perspective. Let’s start with the cool Russian babe, Elena, who is a tall, blonde bombshell with money! (Why do they always show the tall Russian women? Heck I’m Russian but I must be from peasant stock … Read more

If I Hire an Expensive Matchmaker, Will the Quality of Men Be Better?

Where can I find the good men? Ahhh, an age old question. By “good”, women usually mean men who are successful, attractive, charming and ready for a committed relationship. Unfortunately, so called “Good Men” do not congregate in any one special place. It’s not like they all go to the same dance or bar with … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker: Client’s Who Follow Patti’s Advice Find Love

Did you watch this week’s episode of the Millionaire Matchmaker? It was another great show!  The theme Tuesday night was the “Bumpkin and the Bisexual.” The Bumpkin Somehow, this young, good looking Christian guy from Indiana (was it?) came to Patti for help finding a good match. Seems hard to believe he couldn’t find love with … Read more

Dating Over 40: The Millionaire Matchmaker is Back!

I’m a big Bravo TV fan and one show that is my favorite is returning this month – The Millionaire Matchmaker with Patti Stanger. First of all, she looks pretty hot from the previews. Perhaps some personal work after last season… But more than that, Patti offers serious, no nonsense, sensible dating advice to her … Read more