Dating Over 40: Crushing on a Man

When was the last time you had a crush? Can you remember back that far? Or maybe you’re having one right now? A crush is a rush of intense attraction. One that makes your heart do that school girl pitter patter. You’re excited, maybe giggly, sometimes flirty. You’ve been caught actually batting your eye lashes.(Don’t … Read more

Dating OVer 40: The Unspoken Rule of Dating Still Holds True

  Let’s say you meet a man who really catches your eye and gets into your heart quickly. You meet for your first date which becomes one of those marathons. Then your next date is just two days later. Seems like all systems are go and you both had a fabulous time. That’s great.   But … Read more

DAting OVer 40: Visual Affirmation of Love on YouTube

This mini-video is very well done. Amrita found so many gorgeous heart-shaped photos, Take a moment to view and listen to the lulling and expansive music which she wrote herself. This is a great way to reinforce your desire for love with visual impressions. By watching it, you are employing the law of attraction. It … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Becoming More Positive about Dating or Anything

Ever hear of Jerry and Esther Hicks? They run workshops called, "The Art of Allowing" which are very interesting. Esther shares insights about the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to anything and EVERYTHING in life. After listening to one of the recordings,  I come away uplifted and feeling good. The most powerful … Read more

Dating Over 40: Small Course Corrections on Your Dating Journey

This poem by Rumi was sent to me by a woman who asked a question on the blog which I answered. Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding the … Read more

Dating Over 40: Janie Stops Looking and Finds Her Man

Yesterday I spoke to Janie who at 57, happily showed me her dazzling new diamond engagement ring. For years, I’ve seen Janie at our business women’s network luncheons.  As long as we didn’t talk about men, she was happy, bubbly and fun to be around. But if the topic of men came up – wow, … Read more

Dating Over 40: Whip Appeal or Icing without the Cake?

Ever hear of "Whip Appeal?" Apparently it’s a good thing for a woman to have. I learned about this new phrase when I visited the Dating Goddess – her blog is full of great insights about dating over 40. A man recently told  the Dating Goddess that she had "Whip Appeal" and so she did research … Read more

Dating Over 40:Prosperity and Love

Catherine Ponder, one of the most prominent women prosperity/success writers around, has written numerous books on prosperity. The one I’m reading right now is called Open Your Mind to Prosperity. Chapter 9 is called Prosperity through the Love Concept. I turned to this page and thought to myself – what? What has love got to do with … Read more

Dating Over 40: I Just Don’t Have Time to Date

Are you over committed? Does your calendar make your head swim? Do you sometimes feel like you just wish the merry-go-round would stop? I can relate! This world we live in today rushes forward at top speed. My inbox is full. My kitchen table is covered with mail. With so much information and so many … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Are You Ready to Date?

My friend and fellow dating expert, Terry Hernon MacDonald wrote an excellent piece last Friday in answer to a reader’s questions about dating via the Internet. In fact, I was taken by her direct approach and savvy honesty from her perspective about the question asked. Her reader said she was ready to date, but then … Read more

Dating Over 40: 46 Men and Counting

Well this summer has been a hot one for some of my clients who took me up on the challenge to meet and talk to 50 men in just 100 days. At the start of the challenge, there was a lot of disbelief and grumbling. Some women insisted that it just couldn’t be done. How … Read more

Dating Over 40: Is it Safe to Use Your email Address with Your Acquaintances?

I learned something new today from a tech friend about email addresses. A client asked me if using her regular email is safe on match vs going through the match email service. I wasn’t sure so I asked my friend. I figured if your email address doesn’t have your real full name in it, and you … Read more

Dating Over 40: AARP Survey of Singles, 40-69 Revisited

Here’s an interesting article which quotes the 2003 AARP singles survey I’ve talked about before. This is the survey that revealed how  30% of women over 40 are dating younger men.. Which means there are men under 40 who are willing to date women OVER 40!  The study also points out that both men AND WOMEN want … Read more

Dating Over 40: The Law of Attraction and a Truckload of Watermelons

Driving down the highway yesterday, I noticed a small pickup truck weighed down by cargo. The back end of the truck was riding lower than the normal horizontal position. From a distance, I couldn’t make out what was filling the truck’s bed, but as I got closer things became clear. Watermelons! A bountiful load of … Read more

Dating Over 40: Don’t Believe in Love? Check out Christian the Lion Video

Last week the Today Show featured this YouTube video and today they did another story about the owners of this amazing lion named Christian. They kept him in their London flat for a year until he out grew city life, Then they had him released into the wild. After a year or so, they missed … Read more

Dating Over 40: Why Don’t I Click with Men on Match

Dear Ronnie, I’ve been on for over a month now and I’m so sad to say that I’m just not clicking with any of the men. Do you think Match is really the best site? Could I be doing something wrong? I’ve only met one guy so far and am very surprised that out … Read more

Feminine Energy – Did You Know Your Inner Goddess Is A Hottie?

Speaking of feminine energy, what’s an Inner Goddess and how come she’s hot and I’m not? Find out how to heighten your femininity and charm. Your Feminine Energy Is Built In Your Inner Goddess is like your inner child, but all grown up and totally in charge. She’s got lots of confidence even if you … Read more

Dating Over 40: Don’t Forget About Girlfriends!

Marilyn was complaining recently that she was tired of spending so much time alone. She just broke up with her boyfriend of three years and they had done EVERYTHING together. Now she was boyfriendless and companionship scarce. What about her girlfriends? Well Marilyn had focused her life on her man. Some of her friendships stayed … Read more

Is it a Bad Sign When You Flirt with a Man in Seminary Training?

True story. One of my clients, Katie, sent me an email about meeting a great guy – who turns out to be studying to be a priest! OK, When I read the email I laughed out loud.. But it does make you pause and think about things doesn’t it? She was worried this was a sign that … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Teen Dating – Parents’ Rules Relflect Their Own Love Lives

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal presented results from a new study on parents, teens and dating rules. The article entitled, "What the Dating Rules You Set For Your Kids Say About You"  had some interesting tidbits. Apparently happily married couples set more stringent guidelines, where as parents burned by love dealt with … Read more