Dating Over 40: AARP Survey of Singles, 40-69 Revisited

Here’s an interesting article which quotes the 2003 AARP singles survey I’ve talked about before. This is the survey that revealed how  30% of women over 40 are dating younger men.. Which means there are men under 40 who are willing to date women OVER 40!  The study also points out that both men AND WOMEN want … Read more

Dating Over 40: Which States Could Cupid Win in the Primary Race?

Has the Mythic God of Love Lost Popularity and What You Can Do to Help Him Regain His Standing   Cupid may be popular in some circles, but in others, he wouldn’t do much better than Giuliani did in the New Hampshire primary. Are most singles shunning Cupid because they are content with their solo-status? “Many feel it’s … Read more