Sweetness Of Life – A Message From The Honeysuckle Deva

Discover the sweetness of life with this amazing message from the Honeysuckle Deva in this eye-opening Podcast Snack from Breathe Love & Magic.

Influx of Higher Frequencies

message from the honeysuckle devaRecently, I’ve been noticing an incredible influx of high frequency vibes that are coming to earth. It feels like every other day there’s some new big thing happening for me.

I’m sharing this message based on the energy that’s available right now and the opportunity to change your life (if that’s what you want) and raise your vibration.

I had been questioning myself and wondering if I was involved in some self-sabotaging behavior. The thought came to me to open the Bach Flower Remedy book (I love them and have used them for years) to see what I might discover.

Cracking the book to discover what I needed, the page opened to honeysuckle. I wasn’t familiar with this remedy. The indication that I needed honeysuckle was about “dreams that remain unfulfilled and a need for inward mobility.” That was perfect.

Luckily, I have honeysuckle growing all over the fence surrounding my vegetable garden. So, I walked out to my garden to see the beautiful vine.

At first I had a hard time settling down. I deadheaded some flowers, did a bit of weeding, and talked to the devas, elementals, and plant spirits, thanking them for the bounty of my garden.

Once I settled down, I tuned into honeysuckle and want to share this message because it has far-reaching application. Almost anyone listening to this can take advantage of this message.

Learn more about plant devas, elementals, and nature spirits.

Tuning into Honeysuckle

sweetness of life

“There is a sweetness of life for you to recognize and be in touch with. You are often unaware because of your thinking, thinking, thinking mind. I think too much LOL!

To move forward, you need to notice the sweetness because this is what opens your heart and creates flow. Be more mindful, present, and in the moment which creates inward mobility. (That’s what the Bach Flower Remedy book said about honeysuckle! How perfect for me!)

There is a greater freedom in the now since you aren’t worrying about the past or fretting over future. You won’t be trying to change things. Instead, you’ll be present.

So, when you are present and in the now, that’s when you can move forward because you won’t be mired in the past or the future. Be more mindful of the sweetness of life every day and raise your vibration. Take moments to tune in!

Tune into the truth of who you are. Give yourself the freedom that comes from being present in the now which will create the mobility you desire.”

Channeled Message

That’s what I needed to move forward and get out of my own way. I was blown away by that message and have started working on this to recognize more sweetness of life!

Create More Sweetness of Life

breathe love and magic podcastHere are some examples of how to recognize or even create moments of sweetness or joy:

  1. If you are outside on a sunny day, tilt your face up to the sun and close your eyes and breathe for 30 seconds to feel the light and warmth shining down on you.
  2. Try a breathing exercise where you close your eyes, breathe in to the count of five, hold for five, breathe out for five and hold for five. Repeat this pattern for five cycles of breathing. This is very calming
  3. Imagine planting roots down into the earth from your tailbone into ground you firmly. Then allow Mother Earth’s energy to rise up through the roots, into your body, down your legs and feet, and up through your body and spine, to your arms and hands, then up into your neck and head. Very relaxing!
  4. Marvel over something like a maple tree. Wonder how it knows how to make seeds and leaves, chlorophyll out of sunlight, and how many leaves to have and how big they should grow?

Many Ways to Be Present

There are so many ways to be present in the moment and any mindful exercise that you know of will work.

Then wrap up any of these exercise by being in touch with the sweetness of life. That’s how you too can be open to your inward mobility which is your growth. This is your ability to move forward and reach the levels you want and raise your vibration and frequency and really enjoy what is.

I’m just so excited about this opportunity because this is what’s happening on planet earth right now. And while there so many other unhappy unpleasant things in the news or your Facebook feed, that there’s some really GOOD energy out there too.

The energy that you can access right now is very loving, supportive, high vibe, and growth oriented. Find time to be in the present moment several times a day for 30 seconds or a minute.

It’s not a big commitment or a big block or time. But it will change your perspective, it will raise your frequency and vibration and it will change the course of your life.

A Blessing

channelling the honeysuckle devaHere’s my blessing to you – “May you live in the magic and be aware of the sweetness of life!”

Thanks for listening.

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