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Summer Coaching Special

summer love 2020

Now more than ever, it seems so important at this time of the pandemic to find a partner. Being single and alone makes it much harder to weather the storm than for couples or even people with roommates.

Loneliness is at a record high and it’s no wonder with all this sheltering at home and self-isolating.

Whether or not you want to marry, having a romantic life partner can make difficult times easier and feel safer.

The Rush to Meet Is Over and So Is Hookup Culture

Now you can get to know men without any risk at all. Video dates have become extremely popular and clearly a super safe way to meet. And you can decide if you think it’s worth the risk to meet after you’ve gotten to know a man for a few weeks.

If you’ve been thinking how you really should do something about finding love, get some support to make the process easier.

Dating Can Be Fun But, It’s Not Always Easy

Having been single in midlife, I know what it’s like to agonize over a situation or doubt yourself about some guy. Or fret over the choices you are about to make. Dating can be fun but, it’s not always easy.

That’s why having someone in your corner that you can talk to about this versus your friends or family makes a big difference as you know.

You know with me you’ll get straight answers about how to bring something up, what kind of messages to send out first or if a guy is wasting your time and stringing you along.

Having access to an expert like me who actually KNOWS the best practices and the telltale signs of a man who appears like a quality guy, but starts to show signs of a commitment phobe etc., changes everything.

Plus, when you tell a love coach you are going to do something, you are more likely to follow through. Your commitment level goes up, just like when you work with a trainer at the gym.

There’s something very reassuring about sharing what’s going on with an expert and being able to talk about it. I know because I still have a coach myself. Yes, I walk my talk.

I want to be there for you to:

  • Inspire and motivate
  • Come up with good opening lines
  • Figure out the best sites and apps
  • Help you date more consciously
  • Keep you positive while on the path
  • Steer you in the right direction
  • Answer pressing questions
  • See opportunities you might overlook
  • Suggest proven dating strategies
  • Raise your love vibe
  • Help you avoid heartbreaking pitfalls
  • Alert you to time wasting men
  • Make dating easier


The Summer Coaching Package – $99

  • Email or message me with a voice app up to once a day – I’ll respond within 24 hours and often faster
  • Plus take advantage of office hours for a quick check in available 3 Monday nights a month
  • Access to my recent hit program Dating from Home with everything you need to know about dating through the pandemic

Fee: $99/month, work with me all summer, month to month or cancel after 30 days


If you are ready to jump in and make summer 2020 the one in which you find love, click the register button above and we’ll get started right away.