The Spiritual Side of Dating Teleclass

Have You Considered the Spiritual Side
of Dating?


dating coachAre you a spiritual single woman?

dating coachDo you know about or use the Law of Attraction?

dating coachAre you aware of the vibes you send out on a daily basis?

dating coachHave been struggling to meet the right man?


If you have been out there to meet men, both online and at events, but aren’t finding the kind of quality man you hoped to connect with, this program can help.

The Spiritual Side of Dating

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What is the connection between dating and your spiritual life? How does spirituality, including your beliefs, attitudes and energy affect your ability to find love and the right man for you?

Your energy and the VIBES you send out to men and the Universe are VITALLY IMPORTANT!

Everything in the Universe is made of energy. We are all just particles vibrating in space. That is true for humans, animals, plants, stone, water and air. It’s all energy vibrating at different speeds and in various patterns.

Since you ARE energy, you have a pattern or vibration and there are definitely some patterns that are FAR MORE ATTRACTIVE than other when it comes to LOVE.

Find out if you are sending good vibes to attraction quality men or if you are somehow pushing them away. Let’s make sure your beliefs and vibration are lined up with your goal to find love – that’s the most effective dynamic to attract love into your life.

You’ll learn how to:

PinkCheckmarkIdentify the signals you are sending


Improve your vibes and unspoken messages to the Universe

PinkCheckmarkBe your most attractive energetically for a first date

PinkCheckmarkPlus, many more easy tips that really work to tune up your energy.


Please join us for this empowering and enlightening discussion on dating and spirituality and how to make the most of your dating to find love. Its your no calorie, sweet treat for Halloween 2016 from Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan !

When: Tuesday, Nov. 1st 8-9pm est


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