Single on New Year’s Eve? 7 Ways to Celebrate with Girlfriends!

single on new year's, find love, happy new yearSingle on New Year’s Eve and freaking out about it? Worried you’ll spend the night alone with  nothing fun to do? Sad you have no one to kiss at midnight? Well, you aren’t alone with half the adult population being single. That means lots of people celebrate solo.

To help you feel better about your prospects, I’m going to share seven ideas on not just getting through the night, but really enjoying a New Year’s without a sweetheart!

7 Ways to Celebrate if You’re Single on New Year’s Eve

1) Throw a Pampering Party. Invite your single girlfriends to bring their favorite pampering treatment to your home or purchase a few treatments at a bath and body or drug store. Play soothing music or festive tunes and give each other manicures and pedicures or a facial mask. Make yummy treats like specialty coffee, cookies  or s‘mores and enjoy a night of honoring yourself t0 ring in the new year with a youthful glow.  

2) Invite friends for Game Night. This doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I love to play games! Try classics like Pictionary, Scrabble, Monopoly or Yatzee. Or you can give charades a shot which can be a blast.  If you or  your friends have kids and no babysitter, set them up in the family room with video or board games to keep them busy while you play in another room. The games will keep your mind off being single on New Year’s Eve.

4) Dance the Night Away. What’s your favorite music? Could it be Motown, Disco, 80’s New Wave, or 70’s Rock and Roll? 80?s With a good supply of CD’s, margaritas or mojitos you can dance the night away. This can be so much fun and you’ll get a work out too! You can ask your friends to come dressed for the musical genre to get everyone in the mood. Dancing is good for your spirit and will keep you from feeling down about being single on New Year’s Eve.

5) Make Vision Boards for 2013. If you want to start the year right and feel positive about 2013, decide what you want to have happen in your life and then make a collage that represents those achievements. Set your intentions for 2013, then get out the magazines and glue sticks and be creative. This is incredibly fun and highly productive way to ring in the New Year. Support your friends in making their dreams come true with a Vision Board Gathering

6) Go to a Yoga Retreat Center. Immerse yourself in a healthy practice to start the New Year right. Focusing on wellness and maintaining a positive attitude will set you on the path for a healthy 12 months. An adventure such as this takes the pressure off not having that special someone and being single on New Year’s Eve. When I did this with girlfriends, it was one of my personal all time favorites!

7) Poker Party. Why not play poker! A little competition is good for the soul. If you don’t like poker, pick any another favorite card games like cribbage, gin, bridge or rummy. You can even mix it up by trying a different game every hour, or play one game all night until you win! You won’t worry about being single on New Year’s Eve once you ve won the pot for the night!

With these seven festive, fun ideas on how to ring in 2013 without a partner, you have many choices to enjoy the evening. Being single on New Year’s Even isn’t so bad, believe me. Choose one and plan the best New Year’s Eve ever. Consider that having fun is a state-of-mind that you can decide to adopt.  So perk up, face the future with a positive attitude and enjoy this annual time marker!

Plus, you can always make a vow to yourself that you won’t be single on New Year’s Eve next year!


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