Single for the Holidays: Deck the Halls and Yourself Too!

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Single for the Holidays?

Are you single for the holidays this year?

Christmas and New Year’s are approaching and you find yourself single for the holidays. As your dating coach, I’m going to say this situation offers excellent opportunities to mingle and meet men. However, so much depends on your enthusiasm about the season. For example – do you like to deck the halls with greenery, lights, trees, Santas, tinsel and more? Getting into the spirit improves your attitude, can help you enjoy the holidays more, and even make you more attractive to men!

Holiday Attire

As your dating coach, I want to take this “Deck the Halls” idea a step further. Do you deck yourself out in holiday attire? Think about it –  why stop with your four walls when you can take your decorating joy into your personal appearance?

What you choose to wear during the holidays provides others with an impression of you and your holiday outlook. Don’t worry – I’m not suggesting that you buy a crazy holiday sweater or sport snowman earrings. You could do that, but what I’m talking about is a bit more subtle.

If you’re single for the holidays, here are five options to try to deck yourself out and feel more holiday cheer.

1. Wear Red Clothing. Oh yeah. Red is not only a traditional holiday color, its a power color with a message of passion. Put on something red and watch the serious magnetic pull that emerges. Men are attracted to women who wear red and you will certainly get noticed. Isn’t that what you want when you’re single for the holidays?

2. Wear Red Accents. The same benefits apply to any red accents you wear. Think about makeup. Red lipstick and nail polish continue to have sex appeal that has been around since these products were developed. This could also be true for red jewelry, belts and even shoes. If you’re single for the holidays, you want to do something to stand out from other women.

3. Wear More Makeup. If you are the type of woman who doesn’t have time for makeup – MAKE TIME! You may not like this, but it’s a fact – especially for women over 40. To look like a woman who takes care of herself, you have got to apply some makeup. I often talk to dating coaching clients about the “Magic 3” which means, mascara, blush and lipstick. Over 40 skin does lose some of its youthful glow and color – a little makeup goes a long way to keep you looking vibrant.

4. Dress Up. If you tend to be a casual dresser, change things up and go for it with your holiday wardrobe. Wear a skirt, try a dress, pick a blouse with ruffles or put on some heels. Whatever you choose, go for what makes you feel fabulous. Being single for the holidays, the better you feel, the better you look!

5. Get a New Do!  If you haven’t changed your hairstyle in a long time – do it during the holidays. With men, longer is better. So, if you have any desire to grow out that short hair cut, men will notice you more often with longer locks. Another thing I highly recommend to look and feel younger is to cover that gray! In addition, if you have dark hair, lightening up the color as time passes helps you look younger.

When you are single for the holidays, any effort to boost your spirits will go a long way to help you meet men, find love and just plain enjoy yourself.


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