Siggy Flicker Answers the Question for VH1 Viewers, Why Am I Still Single?

Siggy Flicker on VH1's Why Are You Still Single?

Last week I was lucky to catch the premier of a new VH1 show on being single. The title, “Why Am I Still Single?” tips you off to what the show is all about. Dating Coach Siggy Flicker (OK you can’t make this stuff up-she’s 3rd from the left) out of New York City has an big entourage of characters who help her guide clients into better dating results.

So let’s talk about the entourage. Two women from New Jersey (flanking Siggy both in turquoise) help with hair and makeup. Get this – they are twins and attacked Siggy’s female client at the same time to brush and style her hair. All I can think of is “Ouch!!”  They share the motto which is “After you put on your makeup, put on more” – or something about twice as much as you think. Not kidding. Beyond comedic value, not sure what these women bring to the party or why we need twins to perform this function.

Next, a woman named “China” enters (far right), wearing both a bright colored dot and a gold apparatus on her third eye between he reyebrows. Her trashy-style clothing was to me, way over the top. I saw no real contribution except maybe she’s a counter image for the Millionaire Matchmaker’s gothic duo. In fact, come to think of it, the entire cast and show seems like spoof of Patti Stanger’s show.

There is a also a straight man who adds comments on the clients – not sure what his function is either.

Siggy herself did offer savvy and rather direct dating advice to these two New York singles:

1) A 25 year old blond woman who is still a virgin and very nervous on a date.
2) A 34 year old single guy who is so busy trying to impress and going overboard that he comes across as a spoof of himself! Absurd!

Siggy sets the two up on a practice date and has a hidden camera film their interactions. Finally she can’t take it any more and bursts onto the scene to break things up and start providing feedback and coaching.

The young woman actually told her date she had a “V-Card”. OMG! Who would admit to being a virgin on a first date? Why call attention to your sex life any way, especially if you’re a virgin?  And her date poured on the charm to such a degree, his fakeness elevated to epic proportions. Was this for real? Probably as real as any reality TV.

The last thing I want to mention, I know I should avoid. But I can’t help myself. At times Siggy, who seems genuine, has a funny manner of speaking. It took me a while to catch on, but after hearing a few key words like fwrustwated [frustrated] and interwupted [interrupted], I couldn’t decide who she sounded more like – Barbara Walters or Elmer Fudd.

If you are looking for some yuks on a Wednesday night, a little dating advice and a cast of characters, check out VH1’s “Why Am I Still Single?” with Siggy. 9pm on the east coast. Enjoy!

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