She’s Back! Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger’s Back with  a Season 5 on Bravo

The New Patti Stanger

Let me start by saying that its good to see Patti again. But, um, is it me, or did she have a little somethin’ somethin’ done to that face? Her eyes definitely looked different and no amount of eye shadow was hiding that lift. (OK, maybe I’m jealous and would love a little lift myself.)

On to the good stuff! The dates!

The Millionaire Matchmaker Tries to Coach Her Male Clients

As a dating coach for women over 40, I always look forward to the part where she tries to coach her clients before they meet their matches. Not everyone is opento feedback or willing to look at how they may be contributing to their own singleness.

Gary – hmmm, what can I say? He’s a strange dude no question. In his video, Gary said he’s a clean freak and would make a girl take a shower before dinner and dancing even if she’d already taken one that morning.

I guess he wasn’t thinking about a first date – that would be rather awkward wouldn’t it? “I know we just met, but did you by any chance already take a shower today?”

Can you imagine that one? He wasn’t a bad looking guy but he did make a lot of funny faces, especially when Patti was interviewing him. Seemed like he was squirming in his pants – so to speak. Patti claimed he had some type of multiple personality disorder, yet she introduced him to some of LA’s finest women any way.

Gary chose Bonnie because he wanted to … well Patti always says the “penis does the picking.” Their date was uncomfortable with Bonnie freaking in the helicopter. Is that the best some of these guys can do – take a helicopter ride? I just don’t get the romance in that. 

Lastly, asking if he could kiss her showed a surprising lack of confidence in his manly abilities.

On the other hand we have the hunky, Italian born Micheal who likes to test women. What ever happened to conversation?

What would you have done if this good looking guy decided to dress you up and take photos on your first date? I’m thinking “Exit stage left,” for any of you who remember the cartoon with Snaggle-puss. Could this smart, successful international businessman really believe this was fun for anyone but himself?

Patti Stanger Throws Another Guy Out

Michael’s fight with Patti at the end was lame. Dramatic as ever, Patti throws the guy out. While he appeared to be putting up a fight and pointing his finger at her, what came across to me was the producers probably asked him to pick a fight and he didn’t really have his heart in it. Not to worry because Patti can do drama with her eyes closed and hands tied behind her back.

Won’t it be interesting this season to see who she fixes herself up with now that’s she’s looking. For me, inquiring minds want to know what she did with that diamond engagement ring – it was massive!

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5 thoughts on “She’s Back! Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger”

  1. forgot to add, who is she to put people down, she tells the gay gay he is too superficial but she puts down everyone who comes in her “casting” bc they are not perfect. And has she ever looked in the mirror? She was damn near beat to death with the ugly stick. congrats Bravo, for casting a real life C U Next Tuesday, not “woman of leisure”. Are you sure she isnt a tranny? Ive been watching for more evidence that she actually has a penis. Bravo I adore Andy, the housewives x Romana, Tabitha, and your cooking shows and reruns of ANTM, but I hate this bitch.

  2. Patti made such fun of Shauna for botox and now Patti herself, this season, looks ridiculous bc you can tell she had her eyes done. I wish there was a way to tell her she looks like shit and she is a bitch. Every season she contradicts herself. The first two episodes shows her being a bitch to Dustin bc she wanted to talk about her slip and slide and he talked oh my. And put her chair up? What a fn crackhead. He’s the only guy thats put up with her shit. Glad you got out Andy, her balls are bigger than yours and thats not a compliment. She is a cow and by the grace of God Andy got out. 99% success rate? No one has made it past two dates! She is the BIGGEST, and I mean big,joke. RUN Dustin and Rachel before she steals your kid or brainwashes it.

  3. Agree. Loved the fact that she pushed back on botox and facelifts etc and now, she’s succumbed. I liked her “realness”. Now another Hollywood plastic fantastic.


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