Create A New Love Story To
Attract A Quality Guy

dating coach for women

Are you tired of being single, looking for love or worrying about how you’ll find it?

Your old love stories and experiences could be keeping you locked into your current single status. If you want to find love in 2021, you’ll have to try something different or you’ll surely get the same results.

First you have to identify the old stories to understand how they keep you from finding the love you want and deserve. Then you want to create a new story and learn how to work with it.

In this insightful and fun 90-mnute workshop, I’ll help you understand what is holding you back and then figure out what you really do want. Knowing this will be the first time you’ve actually been able to create and attract the love you want.

Please join me this Sunday, January 24th from 1-2:30 pm ET to rewrite your love story, feel more optimistic, and pump up your magnetic attraction like never before!