Remote Energy Healing And Transmosis With Tracey Whittet

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, learn how my guest, Tracey Whittet does remote energy healing and Transmosis to help you feel balanced, uplifted, and greater wholeness.

Multi-Dimensional Body Balancing

remote energy healingTo start, I asked Tracey to please explain what multi-dimensional body balancing is. She began by quoting Buckminster Fuller who said, “99% of who you are is invisible and untouchable.”

People think they are whole based on what they can see and touch, but there is so much more. You have several energy bodies that surround your physical body.

To get really specific, humans have six invisible bodies that are layered around the actual body. These are part of your aura or energy field:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional (Astral)
  4. Causal
  5. Etheric
  6. Spiritual

These additional bodies look like you but are transparent in nature. Now, your wounds cause you to disconnect from these bodies unconsciously. Transmosis is how the energy flows and this hybrid word came to Tracey one day while working on a client.

What Is Transmosis?

What does it mean? Well, the prefix “trans” means across or the other side. Combine this with the word “osmosis,” which is how water moves from an area of greater concentration to an area of lessor concentration.

Put the words together and this defines how the healing energy moves through the body during the Transmosis process. The unconscious transfer and assimilation of higher frequencies to raise the recipient’s energy to be equal to Source’s (God) energy.

In other words, Tracey up-levels her client’s frequency to connect with their soul level energy. This can be done in person or with remote energy healing.

Tracey’s Spiritual Journey

Tracey started her spiritual journey at a young age (somewhere between 18 and 20), going to a Sunday gathering in her neighborhood. First she had reflexology done and was hooked! Then she learned Reiki healing and that was the beginning of her healing studies.

She also studied a Course in Miracles with this group, which had a huge impact on her life and how she looked at everything.

Then, in her mid 20s, she took a program by Michelle Lousson called Creative Wellness, which was about holistic stress management. The intensive, week-long program changed her life and she still uses the same methods today.

Tracey went back to college and got an individualized degree in Stress Management. She wanted to learn more about the endocrine system and took anatomy and physiology to better understand the body.

Call in 100% Pure Divine Light

100% pure divine lightSwitching gears, we talked about how channeling is not only with words, but also with energy. Tracey considers her work to be divine flow. We are spiritual, divine beings, so we are the local representatives of the Divine! Tracey and I had a good laugh about this.

Tracey recommends that you always call in 100% pure divine light. You are so powerful, but most people often forget or get disconnected from that wisdom. At the start of a session, Tracey calls in your guides, asking for 100% pure divine light for the highest good to be done for you and all concerned.

She also calls in her own guides of 100% pure divine light and asks to be a pure divine vessel of truth, wisdom, and healing love for her client’s highest good. Then she invites her client and herself to move the ego out of the way.

Working with the Violet Flame

St. Germaine Violet FlameNext, she calls in the all consuming Violet Flame (St. Germain) to clear, clean, cleanse, heal, harmonize, and balance her client on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions.

Tracey said that while doing her work, humorous thoughts often come to mind and she sometimes feels like she’s on Saturday Night Live. This is part of her bringing in the divine and levity is absolutely a type of joy – a super high frequency.

Levity opens doors, changes energy, and offers a transformation in itself. You can release through laughter the same way you do with crying. It’s all the same, moving energy to get the result you desire, whether in person or by remote energy healing.

Tracey has found when she asks spirit what the client needs to work on, she always hears that everyone is working to clear ancestral lines. This is true for both sides of your family. Everyone inherits energy, and even if it feels like it’s yours because it’s in your body, often there are energy patterns that are definitely from an ancestor.

Soul Alignment

Up to 80% of the time, energies get stuck in the past in our nervous system, endocrine system, and chakras too. So, a client might want to work on something in particular, but Tracey asks spirit what to work on.

That calls up the hologram of your energy, like the movie Minority Report, which is a vast landscape of how you manifest in the world. Then the beings of light do what is for your highest good.

Recently, when I was doing remote energy healing with a client, I was working to clear her system. I noticed that her energy bodies were out of sync. They looked like a Venn diagram with three overlapping circles.

Instead, the energy bodies needed to be aligned and I focused my attention on getting her fully aligned, calling back all the pieces to sync together, like one central core. Tracey was saying that is soul alignment.

How to Use Liquid Gold Light

Tracey WhittetOnce you have cleared and cleansed the energy bodies and systems and have everything realigned, you’re ready to wrap things up. To do this, you simple heal and seal with liquid golden light.

Allow the light to fill any voids or empty spots that were cleared, and activate upward spirals that are clockwise to reverse any tears or contractions (like fear) of energy. Then you anchor and hold with divine protection of truth, wisdom, and healing love.

Right now, Tracey is creating a course so anyone can do this for themselves. Her vision is to heal the world, support higher consciousness, and help human beings evolve.

Get Out of the Way!

This year, Tracey learned that even though she always thought she was in charge, she discovered that if she just gets her ego out of the way, things tend to fall into place easily. That is so true!

She also suggests that you can ask your 100% pure divine light team for help with anything, to help you do what is for your highest good.

Your Intuition Is Your Power

transmosisConnect with your higher self and your divinity, to tune into your intuition and highest good. Then make sure you clear, clean, cleanse, heal, harmonize, and balance to take care of your spiritual hygiene.

Be in a relationship with yourself first and your divine being – this is what creates flow. Be in your heart and think of this as your own divine GPS. So connect in the morning and go from there. She says its a walk of trust and we are all working on this.

Remote Energy Healing

Tracey works with clients in person in New Mexico and also she offers remote energy healing. Regardless of who you choose to work with, taking care of your energy bodies can only serve you. Thanks, Tracey!

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Bio – Tracey Whittet

Tracey Whittet is an intuitive guide, channeler, and energy healer in Santa Fe, NM sharing her unique gift called Transmosis Healing. The multi-dimensional body balancing sessions clear non-beneficial energies on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions by clearing the Energy Bodies. Clients feel better, happier, lighter, and are uplifted by the 100% pure divine light clearing that compassionately elevates you into wholeness.

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