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Akashic Records Reading – How Your Past Lives Influence You Today

Are you facing challenges that frustrate you and not having an easy time resolving things or moving forward? Sometimes difficult patterns go back many lifetimes and hundreds of years or more. If you’re seeking the root cause of a situation, accessing the Akashic Records helps you gain insights for a deeper level of understanding. Clarity leads to powerful solutions and positive next steps.

With an Akashic Records reading, you’ll discover a variety of lives and circumstances to shed light on your life today. All information is shared with compassion, kindness, and humor.

Curious Who You Were Before?

Sometimes people are just curious about who they were in the past. This type of reading also offers confirmation on some of your interests, talents, or skills today, as well as relationships. Fascinating and fun!

Reading by Phone or Zoom

If you want to talk by phone or zoom for a 45-minute live Akashic Records reading, we can do that for $99. After you make your purchase, we’ll schedule a time for your private session by email.

Just click the blue banner below, then email me (ronnie[@] to schedule your reading.

Happy Client Comments!

Deep Insights Resonated With Me

“WOW! The information Ronnie relayed to me was powerful, and everything really resonated with me in the Akashic Records reading. She saw previous lifetimes I had shared with my husband, and other lifetimes that shed light on a chronic health condition I have lived with since early adulthood.

Her deep insights explained why I have been attracted to certain countries, cultures and periods of history. This reading was really exciting, and Ronnie’s bubbly personality makes the interaction fun. Are you ready to learn more about yourself? Let Ronnie be your guide!”   – Wendy, Florida

Connected the Dots of My Patterns

“I had my first Akashic Records Reading with Ronnie and it was not only revealing and enlightening, but it also connected dots on patterns that have shown in my life for years. Things that didn’t add up, or things I didn’t understand about people I am attracted to or work with all of a sudden made sense in the light of what Ronnie told me about my past.

Ronnie made the whole process easy and fun. Our discussion opened my mind to the idea that things don’t necessarily mean what I thought they did. My reading helped me to see that I can let go of what I thought things were about and see them with new eyes… with forgiveness, kindness, and purpose.

Thanks Ronnie, this was a true gift for myself and one I recommend for anyone in need of clarity or insight about unanswered questions in their heart.”  –  Melanie, Maryland

Enlightening and Clarifying

“Thank you for the wonderful Akashic Records Reading! It was very enlightening, clarifying why freedom and independence are so important in my life, because of a past life in France where I didn’t have that at all. That’s why I choose independence in this lifetime, and why I closed off my heart.

Also clarified the relationship I have with my niece now from in another similar lifetime. Something that I have always felt, but didn’t understand, makes sense to me now. Plus, I got some clarification about my relationship with my brother. Very helpful.

We did some exercises to heal a few relationships/heartaches and heal my heart and I can continue with these by myself. I am very grateful for this reading.” –  Sandra, Netherlands

What a Magical Reading!

“The reading with Ronnie was wonderfully nurturing. I could reflect on things that I knew intuitively, but was unable to see before. When Ronnie told me about these lives in related to my situation, I felt a strong resonance.

Hearing about these lives was so validating. That’s important – it helps to be seen for who you really are. For an insightful and healing experience, get a reading with Ronnie!” – Rachel in California.

Card/Psychic/Mediumship Reading

If you are looking for guidance and insights that hit the mark regarding a particular situation, I’m happy to offer my intuitive help. Find out where you are headed regarding love, career, friendship, family, or money,

For the card readings, I use a few different decks, my own Elemental Wisdom deck, and my well-honed intuition. I also rely on Mediumship skills to talk with your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. My goal is to round out the reading, making sure you get the information you were seeking.

These readings are always compassionate, deeply insightful, positive, and highly actionable. And where appropriate – with humor.

  Elemental Wisdom Deck

a deck of my own design elemental wisdom instead of tarot

Reading by Phone or Zoom

If you want to talk by phone or zoom for a 30-minute live Psychic/Mediumship/Card reading, we can do that for $75. After you make your purchase, we’ll schedule a time for your private session by email.

Happy Client Comments!

The Reading Gave Me Confidence

“After my 30-minute reading with Ronnie, I felt so much more confident about what the next six months has in store for me. She answered questions about my business and gave me great insight into what will be unfolding in the near future. If you’re searching for answers on your love life, career, or a variety of areas, a reading with Ronnie will tell you what you need to know.” 
                                                                  –Kristina, Colorado


Insights Were Spot On

“Ronnie did a card reading for my friend a few days ago and her insights were so spot on I knew I had to have a reading of my own. I wanted to know about my love life and my reading with Ronnie was truly the story of my life – where I am now,  and where I am headed, the journey.

Ronnie delivers the reading in a very personalized way and she makes the reading so inviting to participate in. I am going to schedule a reading in 6 months. I can’t wait to see how my journey continues! Thank you Ronnie, I’m going to be grounded like the tree.”  Jen, Ohio



“Working with Ronnie as a cosmic coach, it resonated with me more than just a regular conversation about dating. She tapped into the vibration so quickly and was so on point in the messaging – it was amazing. She confirmed to me what I was feeling that I wasn’t always able to articulate on my own.”
–Alicia, Maryland


Just What I Needed

“I wanted to do something for myself for a change and decided to try Ronnie’s Cosmic Coaching. The messages were just what I needed! Spirit let me know I have a lot to offer and I don’t always see all I bring to others. How good to hear I am more valuable than I realize. Hearing from spirit that I need to feel confident and share my gifts was super fun and so reaffirming. Thank you Ronnie!”                             –Dee, Washington

Releasing Blocks/Energy Clearing

If you can’t seem to move forward no matter what you have tried, you might have energy that is built up where it doesn’t belong. When you are ready to release blocks and clear your chakras and energy field/aura, you free up space to allow for flow and become open to new opportunities.

I’m happy to help you let go of what no longer serves you! Energy Clearing makes room for the new things you want to manifest.

I am trained in a variety of energy healing methods and am a Reiki Master.

The process takes about 30-minutes and the cost is $75. After you make your purchase, we’ll schedule a time for your private session by email.

Information and knowledge are power. Learning about yourself, what can help, and the direction you need to go in is an empowering experience. Book your reading or energy clearing today!

Happy Client Comments!

I Felt a Shift!

“I knew something was off for me about moving, so I asked Ronnie for an Energy Clearing. We talked for a while and she helped me uncover a stumbling block I didn’t even realize existed.

She somehow pulled it out of me and once that became clear, I felt a shift. I really enjoyed the session and am happy with how helpful Ronnie was about my situation. Try it for yourself!”  – Carol in Connecticut