Raise Your Vibe With These Warm Suggestions – Podcast Snack

In this episode, a podcast snack, I’ll be talking about how to handle denser energies and raise your vibe with these four warm suggestions.

Dense Energies Have Been Draining

raise your vibeThe energy leading up to the US election was very dense and heavy. Add to that the full moon with an eclipse, and there was a lot to make the energy feel draining. It’s been making me feel so tired! What about you?

My solution to the stress and heavy energy of the collective is to go to the beach as much as possible during the warmer summer months. But here in Connecticut, it’s November. So, I’m not going to the beach anymore. Sadly, the season is over!

Then I was talking to my friend, Carrie. We got together to have lunch and sit outside in this warm spell (but not warm enough for the beach) and we were both talking about the dense energy and feeling tired.

As always, we decided to use our intuition and ask spirit for guidance on how to handle things when the energy gets dense like it has been. We were looking for advice and understanding from a spiritual or energetic perspective.

Lift Dense Energy

We put it out to spirit, asking for help to feel lighter, lifted, and happier. The message I got really surprised me but thinking about it for a while, the ideas to raise your vibe made so much sense.

First, be out in nature as much as possible. Nature is an incredible healing force for human beings. When you can be outside, like at the beach, it helps clear your energy lift your frequency, and all those things that make us feel better.

It’s a great place to release stuff and let go. In addition, humans naturally collect a lot of positive ions which doesn’t sound like a problem but it is. We feel better with more negative ions.  At the beach or near any body of water, you attract negative ions which clear and balance you out. This is also true of being in the rain and probably taking a shower.

I also love the warmth of the sun on my skin, which feels so good even though it does have some drawbacks for the skin. But I tend to go at the end of the day and don’t stay too long. There’s nothing else like it for me to clear my energy and raise my vibration.

Recently, I even had this silly idea that maybe I was a cat in a past life since they love napping in the sunshine. Just kidding.

How to Raise Your Vibe

breathe love and magic podcastThe message I got from spirit to help with the denser energies that do crop up were surprising. When the weather turns and you can’t stay outside in nature too long because it’s cold, here are some simple alternatives to raise your vibe:

  • Take a hot shower
  • Take a hot bath
  • Use a heating pad
  • Drink a cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee

These are all really soothing and warm suggestions. Then it occurred to me. When you go to the beach or outside in the warmth, you are warm. You are more comfortable so your energy expands. Now when your energy field is expanded you are generally in a happier state. Isn’t that interesting?

Physical Warmth Raises Your Vibe

So,message from spirit this message from spirit provides a way to expand your energy field, even if you can’t be happy in every moment. It’s a way to be relaxed and expanded, to life your spirit automatically. You can use these warm suggestions.

Just the idea of sipping a cup of hot chocolate sounds amazingly soothing and uplifting to me.

So, as we move into the colder months of the year, or when other periods of denser energy come upon us, now you know what you can do to shift your frequency and raise your vibe.

I look forward to lifting my vibration with the warmth of these suggestions and I hope you will too. I’m always looking for ways to find more joy, lift me out of a lower vibe when things are aggravating and ways to sustain joy, connection or higher vibration.

It never would have occurred to me on my own, that by warming my physical body, I could elevate my energetic or emotion bodies, lift my mood and raise my vibe.

A big thanks goes out to spirit for providing these super simple, cozy tips.

May your life in the magic of these warm suggestions as the cold comes upon us to easily raise your vibe.

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