Dating Over 40:Prosperity and Love

Catherine Ponder, one of the most prominent women prosperity/success writers around, has written numerous books on prosperity. The one I’m reading right now is called Open Your Mind to Prosperity. Chapter 9 is called Prosperity through the Love Concept. I turned to this page and thought to myself – what? What has love got to do with prosperity? But I certainly was intrigued…

The author explains that the "Love Concept" is to think about love – to become filled with the idea of love internally, and then express it outwardly. She cites how Harvard University did studies on bombarding people and situations with thoughts of love to bring peace and harmony and cure the world’s ills. OK, tell me more right?

Catherine insists that "the minds eternal duty is to express love. This is the great lesson that mind has to learn: the lesson of love. Mind power can become unbalanced when it is not used lovingly.".(pg 145)

She recommends focusing or meditating on the biblical phrase "God is Love." and claims this can "…create a marvelous transformation … in you and your world."

Catherine goes on to say that when you work with the Love Concept, you set up a certain vibration that gets sent out into the world – one that others respond to positively and greatly appreciate.  This is starting to sound awfully good. She finishes this idea with an incredibly bold statement, "Dwelling on the Love Concept makes you a magnet for good," setting up a harmonious attitude toward life that creates a magnetic pull to attract what you want.

Yes, Catherine Ponder of course is known for her belief and reliance on the Law of Attraction. But what totally took my breath away was the idea that thinking loving thoughts could also bring prosperity. Wow! Who says love and money don’t go together? Then the author gave this surprising example:

There was a women’s business group who decided to put the Love Concept to the test. At every monthly meeting, the group spent some  time focusing on love for the group and it’s members. Within that year, so many of the single women got married and moved, that they had to reformulate the group and do a membership drive! I’m not kidding – that is what Catherine claims in her book on pages 145-146.

Now, you don’t have to pick a particular guy, or even specific qualities according to Ms. Ponder. Just the idea of focusing your thoughts on love can do the magic you require to shift your energy and make you magnetic. What if you tried this experiment yourself? What if you convinced a group of girlfriends to do this daily – even if it’s just for a couple of minutes?

And what have you got to lose? A few minutes of feeling good because you are immersing yourself in the energy and power of love. I encourage you to try it. And if you are feeling like reading, get the book too. Start believing you are lovable. Start focusing your thoughts on love. You can’t possibly lose.

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  1. Oh, my gosh, Ronnie, what a great post.

    And by sheer coincidence, I happen to be reading Catherine Ponder’s “The Prosperity Secret of the Ages,” and it really helped me out of a fix last week!


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