Why Can’t I Find Love?

What If Your Thoughts Were Keeping You From Love

Are you having trouble finding “The One”?

Do you…

  • Think there’s a shortage of men?
  • Base your dating decisions on hot chemistry?
  • Wonder if dating is worth your time?
  • Think most or all men are cheats and liars?
  • Feel men are inferior to women?

So many of my dating coaching clients want to know where the good men are. They feel frustrated, sad, lonely, hopeless, and angry. Often the women who contact me don’t know what to do or where to start to meet a decent man.

Sometimes they’ve been thinking about looking for love for a while, but haven’t done much about it. They talk with girlfriends about how hard dating is, how much men stink, or how all the good men are taken. Others have been very active looking for love and dating but, just not meeting the right men.

why can't I find loveDo you feel like this too? Maybe you’re really aggravated? Or you’ve been struggling for a while or even putting off dating entirely?

Many women wish they could just understand why dating is so hard and why this is happening to them. After all, other women seem to find love a lot more easily.  That leaves you asking yourself, “Why can’t I find love?”

Your Beliefs May Be Sabotaging Your Ability to Find Love and the Right Man


The truth is some women have trouble seeing good men due to a variety of negative and limiting core beliefs. This self-sabotage is at such a deep level, often they are totally unaware of this problem. Everyone makes assumptions based on personal experiences, what they see on TV and in the movies, what friends and family say.

Could this be true for you as well?

Maybe you don’t realize how much your attitudes impact your love life. Your core belief system is like a computer’s operating system – taking charge of and running everything. That’s why your thoughts and assumptions influence every aspect of your dating and life experience!

Here’s what Kim from Arizona says about the book Why Can’t I Find Love

“Having now read your Why Can’t I Find Love, I finally see how I was the problem! That never occurred to me before as I tended to think the available men or lack of them was my biggest hurdle. It’s amazing how once I shifted these thoughts with your help, suddenly I started to notice men practically everywhere.

Too bad I wasted so much time thinking there were no men so, why bother looking? Now, I’m dating a great guy and we’ll see what happens. I”m feeling quite positive!”


why can't I find lovePeak into My Love Life Before I Caught on to My Own Negative Core Beliefs

One of the biggest negative thoughts that held me back was this idea that there weren’t any decent guys. I certainly never met any! I just believed what my girlfriends told me, how the media talked about women over 35 and the dismal statistics for finding love later in life.

Another thing that kept me single was my corporate job where many of the executive men openly cheated on their wives, I thought all men were like this. Even though I had never been cheated on, I naively adopted this viewpoint from observing the men I worked with. I didn’t realize that all men are NOT the same.

As a result I rarely took steps to meet men which became a self-fulfilling prophecy of no men to date – duh!

The good news for me (and you) is that I successfully conquered and turned around these negative beliefs to meet lots of wonderful guys and finally the man who became my husband. That’s how I know you can do this too!

Will You Take Responsibility for Your Love Life?

If you answered yes, congratulations! Why? Because when you are willing, you put yourself in the driver’s seat. A willingness to consider where you are getting in your own way gives you more control and the best chance you have to turn things around and find love.

Gain powerful insights into your sabotaging thoughts and learn how to shift your thinking from a seasoned dating coach (more than 15 years experience!) like me. I shifted these thoughts myself to find love and have helped thousands to do the same. You could be the next to break free of self-sabotage and find your dream man.

Grab Your Chance for a Fresh Start!

In my book, Why Can’t I  Find Love? – How to Transform Thoughts that Keep You from Love, you’ll discover in-depth wisdom and keen perceptions to help you recognize potential self-sabotaging beliefs. Don’t let your efforts be hindered by the way you look at love, men and dating. Grab your chance for a fresh start as you read advice that will shift negative core beliefs and turn your love life around.

Each chapter addresses a specific negative or limiting dating belief and will help you to see new ways of looking at the same old situations. Wake up to what’s holding you back and take a giant step forward for the sake of your romantic dreams and destiny.

“Ronnie, reading this book, I couldn’t believe how many of my thoughts were toxic. Once I started reading, I couldn’t believe how much I was the problem! What a shocker! Thanks for pointing out these common ways of thinking about men and dating that were leading me down the wrong and lonely path.


Without this, I think I’d still be hanging with my girls on Saturday night, trashing men and feeling sad that I didn’t have one. Now I’m meeting lots of fun men and feeling so much more positive about my options”  –Courtney from Ohio

why can't i find loveYou Can Find Love, Even If You’ve Given Up Hope

Discover how you may be getting in your own way, self-sabotaging your chance for love. Find out simple methods to transform your perspective that really work! Once you follow the easy methods, you’ll approach dating with a fresh mindset that will change your luck and results. You can become a woman who is ready and available for a lasting, healthy, loving relationship. The love you’ve been dreaming of for such a long time.

Stop wondering, “Why can’t I find love?” Give up the struggle, feeling lonely or hopeless. Move beyond blaming all men and get to the bottom of what has been getting in the way. There is a solution and it’s easier than you  might think. Haven’t you waited long enough?

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Check Out Some of the Limiting Beliefs You Will Shift:

  • There’s a shortage of single men
  • Looking for love is embarrassing
  • Dating isn’t worth my time
  • My ex has given me a bad feeling about men
  • But he didn’t finish college
  • Only the “alpha-male” will do
  • No man hits the mark for me
  • He has to be more successful than me
  • I’m not thin/smart/pretty/young enough
  • Low self-esteem and confidence for dating
  • My actions don’t support my desires
  • Love is lacking in my life
  • I won’t try that to meet men. No way!
  • Dating is on the back burner for now
  • And so many more!

Why Can’t I Find Love? – How to Transform Thoughts that Keep You from Love


Get your copy today and transform the negative core beliefs that keep you from love. You deserve the love of a good man. You deserve to be cherished in a fun, supportive relationship that lasts. Get the insights you need to shift negative thinking and limitations you have set that get in your way.


Click here to download your copy now for $19.97


“Thanks for this book!  I finished reading it and am so motivated to get out there and be more open. I’m planning to go to a singles’ event this weekend and will put your suggestions to work!”  –Betsy from Massachusetts