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Discover why women often fall for the wrong guys and how to quickly recognize them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could tell within three dates if a man was going to waste your time or had potential as a romantic partner? Now you can!

Learn radically simplified ways for understanding what men do and say.
-Why you can’t think like a woman to understand men
-Why a man who seems interested might not be
-How to spot a narcissist
-How to handle the on and off guy

You’ll feel more confident about making a good choice and empowered to find the right man for you.

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Regardless of your age, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s+, MANifesting Mr. Right will renew your hope,  turn up your feminine charm, and put you in control of dating to find the love you deserve.

-Discover how to avoid the biggest dating mistake women make today
-Gain more confidence with your “Lovability Inventory”
-Rekindle your feminine charm 10 different ways
-Overcome courtship confusion with “Yin & Yang Dating Philosophy”
-Find the right man with seven easy MANifesting techniques


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Are you having trouble finding “The One”? You might not realize how much your attitudes impact your love life. Maybe you think there’s a shortage of men or you make dating decisions on chemistry alone. Perhaps you think men are inferior to women or that they all cheat. If this sounds like you, toxic beliefs about dating, men and love may be sabotaging your efforts to find the right man.

Taking responsibility for your mindset puts you in the driver’s seat. Gain powerful insights and learn simple methods to shift your negative thoughts from a seasoned love coach and dating expert who did this herself to find love and has helped thousands to do the same.


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Looking for a job is a LOT like looking for love. Whether you want a new job or romantic partner, you’ll be surprised at how the strategies to accomplish both goals are incredibly similar. That’s why Elizabeth “Beth” Carter, Executive Recruiter and Career Coach, and Ronnie Ann Ryan, Love & Dating Coach, put their heads together to create a savvy new guide to find work or love.

With this unconventional book, you’ll find out how to avoid common and painful mistakes for your job search or dating and recognize when the position or man is right for you. Quick to read and packed with empowering and proven tips, get valuable insights to make your journey productive, positive and fun, while increasing the odds of landing the job or man of your dreams.

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Do you believe in love? Or do you think all the good men are taken or love doesn’t last or worse still, who would want me? This mindset is what I refer to as “There’s No Love for Me” syndrome which causes frustration and leaves you apathetic.

To attract love, you have to believe in it and feel it NOW. This guided meditation in three lengths was created to turn around limiting thoughts and transform them into the positive outlook that opens you to the love you want. This works hand-in-hand with your efforts to find love and helps you attract the kind of love you want.

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Do you feel desirable and alluring as a woman? Do men notice you? Your feminine charm is your divine right and coded into your DNA. Every woman has her own special allure. If you don’t feel connected to this part of yourself that’s a shame, because without your charm, it’s difficult to attract the love you want.

This visualization audio helps you draw upon archetype of Venus, the ancient Roman goddess of love and wake that up within you. Reconnect with your divine feminine spirit to feel more confident and radiate a warmer persona that appeals to men.

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Are you single again? Frustrated with dating? Wonder where the good men are? In this live talk, Love & Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan shares seven proven strategies to rev up your love life. Find out how to attract men easily, the mechanics of dating, (who should call/pay), and how to apply simple MANifesting techniques. Shift your beliefs about love, dating and men to stop self-sabotaging behaviors and transform your dating karma to attract the love you want and deserve.


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