Banish Paralyzing Fears and Blocks

That Keep You from Finding Love

Wouldn’t it be great if you felt more in control and confident about dating?

Then, you could relax and naturally attract a relationship filled with joy, laughter and romance.


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Why Is Dating Over 35 So Incredibly Hard?

If you haven’t dated in years and don’t know where to meet a quality man. But you grab a friend and go to a bar with a single girlfriend but don’t meet one man all night! You feel like you wasted your precious time with no results.

Or you’re been online or the apps but, you can’t seem to find one decent man to have a drink with. How is that even possible?

Sometimes the men text a lot, or talk on the phone, but never ask you out. You can’t get the ball rolling even for a cup of coffee!

Maybe you meet a great guy but he’s so busy with work, kids, or his crazy ex that he doesn’t have time to see you.

Why Are All the Good Men Taken? 

Dating feels frustrating, annoying, and disappointing to say the least. And you wonder how anyone ever falls in love today.

Why is is so hard for an accomplished woman like you with so much to give, to find a quality man? The men are flaky, look older than their pictures, just want one thing, live too far away, etc.

It really does seem like at the good men are taken! The few men you like don’t like you and the ones you don’t want are the only ones showing interest? Arggh!

If You’re Wondering Why Dating Hasn’t Worked Yet, Maybe You Need a Proven Plan 

Maybe the problem is the way you go about dating. Perhaps you need a more conscious approach where you are more aware of things that could be making things so much harder.

You see, the love you seek and everything you need to attract the right man starts INSIDE. It starts with you. 

Once you have that figured out and are more conscious about your approach to men, dating, and what you want…that’s when things start to come together.

And, that’s why I’m proud to introduce…

my time for love

What If You Felt Optimistic and Confident about Finding Love? 

Imagine feeling INSPIRED, ENERGIZED, and ready to TAKE ACTION to find love.

What if you could feel confident, sexy, and know you are a great catch no matter what happens?

Feeling empowered with a positive mindset that doesn’t waver because you KNOW LOVE IS YOUR DESTINY.

Imagine being wrapped in the arms of a wonderful man who is kissing you passionately.

How great would it feel to be in love with a supportive man who has your back?


What If You Had a Plan that Took the Guesswork Out of Connecting with a Great Guy?

woman smiling

A method to feel confident, appealing, and sure of yourself while you are meeting men and dating.

A set of proven, simple strategies to help you weed out time-wasting, energy draining, lying, manipulative men.

So you attract a positive, loving man who wants what you want – lasting love and the real deal. A man who knows you’re the one for him and is ready to enjoy the romance you dream of…with you.

Wouldn’t that be a LOT more FUN?

Good news! You CAN have it all.

This breakthrough program has helped literally thousands of single women find love!

You’ll discover everything you need to know about dating after 35. I’ll reveal the secrets to finding love as an adult. You’ll know what really works in modern and what leads to love with the right man.

Here’s What You’ll Discover

  • How to capture the attention of a quality man without spending hours on dating apps
  • How to find a quality man online or in person even if you’re shy
  • How to release the past and eliminate unconscious blocks to love, so you can find the right man
  • The key to make online dating work even if you’ve been so badly hurt you swore you’d never get out there again
  • How to enjoy meeting men and dating no matter what it’s been like before
  • Methods to stay positive and open-minded while seeking “The One” regardless of your romantic history
  • How to be honest about what you need in a romantic partner without seeming needy or clingy
  • Easy ways to spot a liar and weed out time-wasting men even if you been fooled before
  • How to avoid devastating mistakes that get you off track and keep you single 

You’ll find out EVERYTHING you need to meet a good man and find lasting love.

I’ll share my proven strategies and time-tested methods that helped me connect with the right man and have worked for successful clients for 20 years. You can finally turn “Me time” into “We Time”.

What’s Covered in the 8 Sessions?

Session #1 – Clear the Way with Mindset Methods

Session #2 – Gain Clarity and Vision of the Right Man

Session #3 – Make a Man Meeting Plan

Session #4 – Heighten Your Feminine Allure and Charm & Appeal to His Masculine Side

Session #5 – Strategies to Attract the Quality Man You Dream of

Session #6 – Hold onto Your Power to Avoid Painful Dating Mistakes

Session #7 – Understand Men – What They Say vs. What They Do

Session #8 – How to Handle Rejection and Know He’s a Keeper

How Much Longer Are Will You Wait for Love?

Happy Clients Talk about My Work 

Patti in VT

“When I started coaching with Ronnie, I realized I had been doing things all wrong! Once I put the profile she wrote, her methods and advice to work, the difference was amazing! What I learned was invaluable.

Her insight, especially around femininity and letting the guy lead are profound. It’s also really fun. I met the most wonderful man and we got engaged! He is wildly in love with me. Thank you thank you thank you Ronnie.”


Donna in UT

“Working with Ronnie changed my life. She helped me get a grasp on the dating strategies that work. Her suggestions helped me shift my mindset to be more realistic about what to expect and handle rejection more easily. I dumped my baggage which was limiting me and keeping me from finding love.

Then bam! I met this great guy and it has been so easy from that point on. This relationship is looking really good and I am so excited. If you are serious about getting into a relationship, you’ve gotta talk to Ronnie.”

What’s Included in this Program?

  • 8 One-Hour Audio Recordings and Transcripts
  • I Believe in Love – Affirmations to Attract Love Now audio program
  • I’m So Alluring visualization audio program to pump up your sex appeal
  • How to Stay Positive on the Dating Journey – audio program
  • We Asked Him – My book about what men over 50 think about women, love and dating
  • 3 Special Reports:
    1. Exit Strategies – 10 Kind Ways to Say “No Thanks”
    2. 10 Reasons Why a Woman Should Never Pay on the 1st Date
    3. 50 Ways to Meet Midlife Men

As you can see, this is my most comprehensive program ever, leaving no stone unturned!

This self-paced course is the same empowering information, advice and step-by-step game plan my private coaching clients pay me up to $5000 for…and it can be yours at a fraction of the price.

Isn’t It Time You Found the Right Man?

You’re a smart cookie and know doing the same thing over and over again will NOT lead to a new or better result. It’s time to try a smarter approach.

This is your time for love! Time for passionate sweet kisses, warm hugs and fun in the bedroom with a supportive man who has your back. A man who you can count on to share your life through the good times and bad.

It’s time to claim the fulfilling relationship you’ve wanted for years. Say it out loud now like you really mean it…

Yes Ronnie, This Is My Time For Love!

My one-on-one coaching clients have paid up to $5,000 for these same savvy, success-proven tips and strategies that you’ll discover in this program.

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Purchase Now and Get Valuable Bonuses Worth Over $200!

BONUS #1  A copy of my flagship handbook for women MANifesting Mr. Right (pdf file) that includes every step I took to find the man of my dreams

BONUS #2  A copy of my Amazon Best Seller – Is He the One? including the worksheets

BONUS #3  My Online Dating Home Study Course with four additional hours of content that will greatly improve your online dating results – a $197 value.

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Here’s what another happy client who has been in your shoes says about my program…

Sophie in CT

“Ronnie, thank you so much for your compassionate dating coaching which helped me start dating again after years. With your help I learned to how to use online dating to my advantage, set boundaries and flirt using my feminine charm. Your suggestions and strategies all worked great!

And now I’m happy to say I’ve been dating my dream man for over a year! In my late 50’s I was so afraid I’d never find love again. Thanks for holding my hand through the dating process which I had been so afraid of. I want to encourage other women to work with you too so they can get the same fabulous results!”


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Sheryl in MA

“Deciding to work with Ronnie has made all the difference – to really focus on my desire for love rather than filling my life with other things. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy all my activities. But previously I pushed my desire for love out of my mind because I didn’t think it was possible. Admitting it’s OK to want love has been freeing and rewarding too.

Ronnie also helped me see how important it is to build my intention around finding love which has been amazing. Her guidance for making sure a man is available – really available – has been eye-opening and so insightful. She wrote a dating profile* that delivered an astonishing number of quality men and now I’m dating a man who is a great match for me. Thank you Ronnie!”

* Profile writing is part of Private Coaching but not included in the My Time for Love program. You can purchase this service separately here?

It’s My Time for Love

Don’t wait another week, another day or another minute to get started on your journey. Make finding love a priority in your life today. You deserve love and you can find it! This program will make the difference you’ve been hoping for in your love life. If this feels like the right thing for you, why not sign up now?


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