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What Makes a Woman Irresistible?

What do men want from midlife women? What things come to mind? You’ve probably thought about this a lot and spent plenty of time wondering. You’ve discussed this with your other single girlfriends and just can’t figure it out.

Maybe the idea of what men find irresistible keeps you up at night…because if you only knew, then you’d sure try hard to be like that right? Or you feel you couldn’t possibly please men today since you think men find the following women highly appealing and none of these things describe you!

  • Rail thin – a size zero, 2 or 4
  • 10- 20 years younger than you are
  • Willing to have sex any time (and maybe some kinky stuff)
  • They don’t care about commitment
  • They don’t complain or ask for anything

Here’s Good News!

Quality men seeking lasting love and a committed relationship aren’t looking for the characteristics mentioned above. Nope, I’m serious. Yes, there are certainly men who want thin, young women who don’t care about commitment or have standards. But not all! Many of those men are getting nowhere with finding the right woman because they are unrealistic in their needs.

Attraction is no doubt a high priority for both genders. But, there is something that overrides this for quality men.

What Do Men Find So Hard to Resist?

Midlife men want a woman who makes them FEEL GOOD. They prefer women who are happy, fun and easy to talk to. They approach women who are friendly, feminine and flirty. Women who come across this way are practically IRRESISTIBLE to quality men seeking lasting love.

Now take a moment to ask yourself,  “Is that how men see me?” If you answered “No” or you aren’t sure, then it’s time to work on your flirting skills girlfriend!

What the Heck Is Flirting?

Sometimes women are confused about what exactly flirting is. They often think it’s tacky, sleazy, or aggressive. I’ve heard women say flirting is overly sexual and even manipulative. Many women worry that if they are flirt with men, they risk sending the wrong message or leading a man on.

But that’s not true at all! That’s not what I mean by flirting.

Flirting is simply a spontaneous, entertaining and playful way to interact with men.

It’s lighthearted, friendly and fun. It’s playful and feminine. And it helps men feel comfortable around you.

Do You Attract the Wrong Men?

When my dating coaching clients complain to me about attracting the wrong men, I know something is up about how these women interact with men. They are not relying on their feminine charm. Either they aren’t letting men know they are open or worse, they are using business skills which backfires for  romance. There is a better way!

Why Do I Have to Flirt?

There are lots of single women in the world and plenty in your neck of the woods. And over 35, the competition heats up a little. So, if you want to get your share of male attention to find the right man, YOU’LL NEED TO STAND OUT FROM ALL THE OTHER WOMEN.

That’s exactly what flirting does for you.

Most women are not that friendly. They don’t talk to men from a romantic place. Sometimes single women get stuck in their business head which SQUASHES any chance for romance like a bug.

Romance and business are like oil and water – they do NOT mix.

Your Business Skills Won’t Help You
Connect with A Good Man

Yes, your business skills helped you achieve the success you now enjoy. Yay! The promotions, the money, the status and power. Yet, those skills will never help you LAND A MAN.

When you are in your business head, your mindset is to go toe-to-toe with men. It’s a competitive stance based on being equal contenders, vying for the same piece of business.

Or you might have a confrontational approach that challenges a man. Neither one of these is friendly. The business mindset is NOT warm, inviting or feminine.

Feminine Charm Is So Appealing!

woman red dress seated green chair

However, when you FLIRT, you come from your feminine power and that is SUPER APPEALING. When you are relying on your feminine charm, you spark a man’s masculine nature. That feels REALLY GOOD to him.

He feels your allure and is absolutely captivated by your feminine wiles.

That in turn makes him feel empowered and attractive himself. He WANTS TO WIN YOU OVER and so he struts his stuff. And this makes you seem all the more IRRESISTIBLE.

A little more open, interested and willing? The advantages of a little flirting are incredible. You’ll easily stand out from other women and raise your desirability with quality men!

Ready to find out how you can be more flirty and rely on your feminine charm? Here’s the solution…


flirt, flirting tips, what is flirting

This program is EXACTLY what you need to amplify your feminine charm and make this graceful, enchanting shift.

Flirting puts the youthful feeling back into engaging with men. You feel prettier and far more desirable.

What You’ll Discover in Flirt School

This program provides proven strategies and simple suggestions to understand how flirting works and rely on your feminine charm. You want to make this graceful shift so it’s easier and a lot more fun to interact with men.

Flirting is ESSENTIAL to find love at any age, but especially for women over 35 and helps you attract the quality man you desire!

Can I Really Learn to Flirt?

Yes, you can!

Discover simple flirting tips and sure-fire ways to increase your feminine charm around men. This is how you can become irresistible.

Find out how to become one of those women who men are drawn to like a moth to a flame. You’ll learn super easy flirting moves that will:

  • flirting, flirting tips, what is flirtingLet a man know you are open to talking with him
  • Amplify your desirability and appeal
  • Connect with him without saying a word
  • Make a man feel special
  • Activate his masculine energy which makes him crave your feminine charm even more
  • Send non-verbal signals to telegraph your availability and interest
  • Strike up a conversation with ease
  • Make him curious to know more about you
  • Attract a quality man more easily than you ever thought possible!

“After learning about flirting with Ronnie, my girlfriend and I decided to give her suggestions a try. We could not believe how EASY IT WAS and how well these simple tips worked to capture a man’s attention. Neither of us ever had much luck in the bar scene or really ever tried, but our first night out we got so much male attention. My friend got asked out on a date and two men asked for my number! You have got to try this!”  – Susan, CT

Every Woman Has an Inner Goddess
Waiting to Emerge

woman feminine in red flowers

This fun program will awaken the allure that is your Birth Right. It’s been coded into your DNA for the survival of the species. You’ll enjoy the frank discussion about how to make the most of your femininity to meet a quality man who is the right one for you.

Unleash this feminine power to find the love you want and deserve. Give yourself permission to use what nature gave you in a tasteful and alluring way to become magnetic to the high caliber man you dream of.

It’s all about interacting with men from this feminine place. It’s already inside, you just need to bring it to the surface and discover how to rely on this natural part of your personality. 

What a difference a little flirting can make to find lasting love with an amazing man!

“Ronnie, I gotta tell you, this flirting thing is really working for me. I smile at men with my eyes and it captures their attention. Whether I’m on my bike or at a dance, the men approach me!
I can’t believe how simple and effective this has been. Thank you!”  –Margi from Denver

You know how they say you can attract more flies with honey? Well, now you’ll be able to attract more men by being your warm, flirty self. Allow your femininity to emerge, so you can find the love you want and deserve.

The Magic of Flirting Is Crazy Powerful

Amp up your feminine charm as you flirt with grace and style! You know dating is a numbers game, especially after divorce and in midlife. You have to meet enough men to find one you click with who wants the same thing that you want – a long-term, loving, passionate relationship.

Why not make your dating life easier? Learn to flirt – it’s simply the fastest way to meet quality men. Make it a priority to become your flirty-best to find the quality man you dream of.

What’s Included?

  1. flirting, flirting tips, what is flirtingTwo hour-long, prerecorded Audio Lessons loaded with proven flirting tips so you can flirt with ease and attract more men than ever ($247 value)
  2. The audio program: I’m So Alluring – Visualization to feel more alluring and desirable (a $47 value)
  3. The book: We Asked Him! What Midlife Single Men Think about Dating, Love and Women (a $27 value)
  4. The Desirability Index – Find out how desirable you feel as a woman – $17 Value
  5. My Report on 10 Ways to Radiate Feminine Charm Like a Goddess – $17 Value
  6. 8 Ways to Increase Your Love Vibration – ebook – $27 Value
  7. How to Avoid 7 Heartbreaking Dating Mistakes – audio program – $47 value

The total value for the Flirt School  program is over $400. But I want to make this really accessible for any woman who wants to increase her desirability, meet quality men and find love faster.

That’s why I’m lowering the price for a short time only to just $97That’s right – just $97. It probably costs more than that to get your hair cut, colored and blown dry.

“With Ronnie, I realized I had been doing things all wrong! Once I put her methods and flirting tips for women over 40advice to work, the difference was amazing. What I learned was invaluable. Her insights, especially around femininity, flirting and letting the guy lead, are profound. It’s also really fun. I met the most wonderful man and he is wildly in love with me! We just got engaged. – Patti in VT

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