Why Can’t I Find Love

How to Transform Toxic Thoughts that Keep You from Love

Are you having trouble finding “The One”?

  • Do you think there’s a shortage of men?
  • Do you base your dating decisions on chemistry alone?
  • Do you wonder if dating is worth your time?
  • Do you think all men are cheats and liars?
  • Do you have disdain for men and think they are inferior?

Your toxic beliefs about dating, men and love may be sabotaging your efforts to find the right man.

It’s true. So many of my dating coaching clients want to know where the good men are.

The truth is they have trouble seeing the good men due to so many toxic core beliefs. This self-sabotage is at such a foundational level, most people are totally unaware. Everyone makes assumptions based on their personal experiences, what they see on TV and in the movies, what their friends and family say. Could this be true for you as well?

Maybe you don’t realize how much your attitudes impact your love life. Your core belief system is like a computer’s operating system – taking charge of and running everything. That’s why your thoughts and assumptions influence every aspect of your dating and life experience!

Here’s what Betsy from MA says:

“Thank you for the e-book.  I have just completed reading it and am motivated to get out there and be more open. I’m planning to go to a singles’ dance this weekend and will put some of your suggestions into practice!”

Are you willing to take responsibility for your love life?

If you answered yes, congratulations! Why? Because when you are willing to do this, you put yourself in the driver’s seat. Being willing to consider where you might be getting in the way of your own progress gives you more control and the best chance you have to turning things around.

Gain powerful insights into your toxic thoughts and learn how to shift your thinking from a seasoned dating coach who shifted these thoughts herself to find love and has helped thousands to do the same.

A little peak into my early non-love life.

Having worked in a corporate job where many of the executive men openly cheated on their wives, I thought all men were like this. Even though I myself had never been cheated on, I foolishly adopted this viewpoint.

Another thing that held me back big time was thinking there weren’t any decent guys, since I never met any. Of course I didn’t do much to meet men, but I didn’t see this as an issue until much later.

The good news for me and you is that I successfully conquered these beliefs to meet lots of wonderful guys and finally the man who became my husband. That’s why I know you can do this too!

Grab your chance for a fresh start at dating.

In my book, Why Can’t I  Find Love? – How to Transform Toxic Thoughts that Keep You from Love, you’ll discover in-depth wisdom and keen perceptions about dating to help you recognize self-sabotaging beliefs. Don’t let your efforts be hindered by erroneous ways of looking at love, men and dating. Grab your chance for a fresh start as you listen to advice that will shift toxic core beliefs to turn your love life around.

Each chapter addresses a specific negative or toxic dating belief and will help you to see new ways of looking at the same old situations. Wake up to what’s holding you back and take a giant step forward for the sake of your romantic dreams.

“Ronnie, reading this book, I couldn’t believe how many of my thoughts were toxic. Once I started reading, I couldn’t believe how much I was the problem! What a shocker! Thanks for pointing out these common ways of thinking about men and dating. Without this, I think I’d still be hanging with my girls on Saturday night, trashing men and feeling sad that I didn’t have one. Now I’m meeting lots of fun men and feeling so much more positive about my options”  –Courtney from Ohio

Finding love is real and totally possible, even if you’ve given up hope.

Discover how you may be getting in your own way, self-sabotaging your chance for love. Then transform your perspective so you can approach dating with an open mind. Become a woman who is ready and available for a lasting, healthy, loving relationship. The love you’ve been dreaming of for such a long time.  The love you so richly deserve.

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Here is a peak at some of the detrimental beliefs you can shift:

  • The shortage of men
  • There is no love for me
  • Looking for love is embarrassing
  • Dating isn’t worth my time
  • I feel bitter from love gone wrong
  • Understand my “type”
  • Only the “alpha-male” will do
  • No man hits the mark
  • He must be a college grad
  • He has to be more successful than me
  • I’m not thin/smart/pretty/young enough
  • Low self-esteem and confidence for dating
  • My actions don’t support my desires
  • Love is lacking in my  life
  • Singles dances? No way!
  • Dating is on the back burner for now
  • And so many more!

Why Can’t I Find Love? – How to Transform Toxic Thoughts that Keep You from Love

Get your copy today and transform the core negative beliefs that keep you from love. You deserve the love of a good man. You deserve to be loved and in the great relationship you dream of. Get the insights you need to shift negative thinking and limitations you have set for yourself that literally cripple your search.

Click here to download your copy now for $19.97