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 How to Sizzle vs. Fizzle Online – Group Coaching Replay Page

Congratulations! You are in the right place to learn everything about how to Sizzle vs. Fizzle Online in the Group Coaching program. You will find players on this page so you can listen to the four session audios any time. I recommend bookmarking this page for your convenience.

The recordings can be listened to by clicking the player icon (looks like a triangle). If you don’t see the player icon, you probably need to update your browser (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox). Please make sure you have the most up-to-date version.

My notes and other handouts are in PDF format and to open and read them, you’ll need the free software, Adobe Acrobat. You can download your copy here if needed.

And if you need any help, you can email me Ronnie[at]NeverTooLate biz (sorry this isn’t a live link to avoid spam robots) or call me at 203-877-3777 and leave a message with your number. Enjoy!

Call in Details:
To participate in the Love Mastermind monthly calls, here are the details:
Call: 1-712-432-3066
Pin Code: 204354 please be sure to hit the pound sign after entering the number

Call Dates:
Conference calls will be held on Monday nights at 8pm eastern time. Dates are:
11/2,  11/9, 11/16, and 11/23  from 8-9pm EST

BONUS CALL! – Monday, December 14th at 8pm


Please Note: Bonuses will be available below each week the day after each session.


My Book Offering a Man’s Point of View on Dating: We Asked Him

Click here to download the ebook We_Asked_Him


My Dating Handbook: MANifesting Mr. Right

Click here to download the ebook MANifesting Mr Right


Profile Writing: Contact me or call 203-877-3777 to schedule your private phone consultation to write or revise your online dating profile.


*********Session Materials***********


Session #1 – Online Dating Strategies – What Works to Find Love Over 40, 50 or 60?

What Works with Online Dating Today, What to Expect, Sites, Sorting and Selecting Men, Phone Calls, Conversation Tips, Do’s and Don’ts, Dating Strategy, and Safety

Notes: To come

Handout:  10 Reasons Why a Woman Should Never Pay on the 1st Date – to come

Recording: To come after session. Click on the black triangle in the player. If you don’t see it, please update your browser

Bonus #1: Audio Program – It’s Not You, It’s Him! To come after 1st session


Session #2 – Connect with Men, Email, and Phone Calls
Learn how to flirt online and write emails that get noticed! These essential skills increase your interactions and the number of men you meet. Discover why you can’t rely solely on the matches sites provide and how to get a man’s attention without contacting him at all.

Notes: To come after session

Recording: To come

Bonus #2: Audio Program  – I Believe in Love – To come after 2nd session


Session #3 – Tips for Fabulous Photos and How to Save Time Online
Learn which photos you’ll need and get tips on how to look your best on camera. Find out how to keep track of your prospects and be efficient online so you don’t get overwhelmed by the process. Discover how to make online dating fun and enjoyable.

Profile & Photo Strategies, Emailing, Online Flirting, First Dates, Exit Strategies, Rejection, and Mindset Tips for Successful Dating and Finding Love

Notes: To come

Worksheet: ProfileWorksheet

Recording: To come

Articles about Online Photos
Carefully Select Photos
Top 10 Tips

Bonus #3: Report on How to Spot the 30 Games Men Play – To come after 3rd session


Session #4 – Read Between the Lines – Sorting and Selecting Men
Discover what to watch for, signals from men who aren’t serious, scamming, the rush and many more ways men might interact with you. Knowing what to look for helps you understand what to accept and what is a big fat red flag. Find out what is just a distraction or trick to string you along and waste your time.

Notes: To come

Handout: 10 Kind Ways to Say No Thank You – To come

Recording: To come


Bonus #4 Question and Answer Call Monday, December 16th at 8pm est.

Recording: To come after session

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