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Single No More! 6-Week Group Coaching Program Starts Monday, March 23rd

Are You Ready to Stop Struggling
and Stop Being Single?


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Finding love after 40 or over 50 can feel like a lot of work. For some single women, it might seem too hard. You may wonder if the effort is worth it and, “Will I ever find love?”

Yet, you are so very tired of being single:

  • Tired of celebrating holidays alone or with the girls.
  • Tired of Friday nights in front of the TV.
  • Tired of no one to vacation with
  • Tired of going without the love of a wonderful man
  • Tired of living without kisses and passion in the bedroom.


You are totally ready to be Single No More!

I understand because I felt this way too and many of my clients have as well. But, once I was ready to be Single No More, I got serious about finding love. That’s when I discovered the way to meet men more easily. Lots more men. Good men. In fact, I learned how to capture a man’s attention and get him to approach and pursue me!


Think about it…wouldn’t finding love be easier
if quality men pursued you?


It sure would be! This is why I can’t wait to reveal these secret that every single woman over 40 will benefit from. The steps are so shockingly simple, you might not believe they can even work. But they do!

Clients who follow this advice have great success. They meet more men then they ever thought possible which helps them find the right one for them. Best of all, they find love!

What if you could use these powerful secrets
to attract the love life you’ve been
dreaming of for so long?


What if you could learn how to attract more men? Get them to notice you? Get them to ask you out and pursue you? Wouldn’t that be a big difference from how your love life is going right now?

Decide Right Now
You Are Ready to Be
Single No More!

Here’s how you can make this real for you this summer:
Introducing my New Group Coaching Program

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The Ultimate 6-Week Dating Coaching Program for Single Women Over 40 Serious about Finding Love


Here are the results you can expect from Single No More! You’ll learn how to:

  • Find more men easily
  • Strike up a conversation
  • Flirt without having men think you’re a floozy
  • Feel more comfortable in social and single situations
  • Enjoy interacting with men
  • Build confidence
  • Develop or sharpen your feminine charm
  • Get men curious to know more about you

This empowering group dating coaching program is guaranteed to build your dating know-how, open you up to  men and show you how to rely on your feminine charm, the natural man-attraction skill!

“From the very first session of Single No More! I started talking to the men around me and it’s fun! I am surprised at how easy it is now that I know exactly what to do. This is going to be a great summer. Thanks Ronnie” –Dawn, CT

This Program Is Created Specifically for Women Who Don’t Meet a Lot of Men

Regardless of how long you’ve been single, from two weeks to twenty years, you will learn what you need to know to help you find the one this summer. This exciting new program has been put together for women like you who haven’t dated much recently or who struggle with meeting enough men to find the right one.

Maybe You:

  • Gave up looking for love
  • Are newly single after divorce
  • Are ready to start dating after your partner passed away


“I couldn’t believe it, but not only did smiling more make me feel happier, but a cute man approached me out of the blue! I couldn’t believe it because that never happens to me. I’m friendlier to women now too. This stuff really works just like you said it would Ronnie.” –Kathy, VA


When is the Program?

6 Monday Nights, March 23, 30,  and April 6, 13, 20 and 27.
One Hour Teleclass starting at 8pm EST, 5pm PST


What’s Included?

  • 6 one-hour programs with time for questions – $597 value
  • Recordings of these programs – $197
  • One email per week to answer your questions – $197 value
  • Access to The Man Attraction Secret Program – a $67 value
    Why attracting quality men TOTALLY depends on your mindset-
  • I Believe: Affirmation audio to attract love now – $20 value
  • I’m So Alluring: Visualization audio to increase your desirability – $20 value
  • 7 Ways to Raise Your Love Vibration – audio program – $20 value
  • The Book: 5 Keys to Maximize a Man’s Interest in You$20 value


Plus 3 Valuable Bonuses!

1. Follow up group session to stay on track, Monday, 5/18 at 8pm EDT – $97 value
2. How to Stay Positive on the Dating Journey – $20 value
3. Confidence is Sexy! – $20 value

The benefits of group coaching and sharing with like-minded women are remarkable. There is so much comfort knowing you are not alone with how you feel or your romantic experiences. And you end up learning more from listening to what other women go through.

“Your Single No More program helped me so much I cannot tell you. The tips and ideas are wonderful and learning how to interact with men as practice changed everything for me. I really started to open up. Great do’s and don’ts too! I am so much more ready to meet the one now. I think about your words often and hear you in my head sometimes guiding me – lol. Thank you!” –Sherry CT


So, How Much Is It?

The total value for this program is $1,195, but you can register now for half that at only $597

Plus, I’m taking another $200 off, so it’s just $397! because I want this to be affordable for as many women as possible.


Stop struggling and start meeting men easily, the way things should be and CAN BE.

These methods are so easy, you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time trying to figure things out on your own. Isn’t it time to get past the angst about dating, so you can have fun and find “The One”?


Register Now for Single No More! for just $397 and save an additional $200!

$397 one payment


Or if you want to make 2 monthly, automatic payments of $225 each

$225 for two monthly payments


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