The Man Attraction Secret

Why Attracting Quality Men is 99% Dependent on Your Mindset


The Man Attraction Secret -Audio Program

This audio program has been created to help my dating coaching clients understand how much your attitude, beliefs, outlook and mindset influence your dating results. While this does incorporate the Law of Attraction, it goes into great details to connect the dots of why this is so essential to your romantic success.

You may say, “I’ve heard all that Law of Attraction stuff before. And that maybe true. Just know that sometimes it takes more than one exposure to an idea to have it make sense or for you to decide to use it. This has been true for me. Sometimes it takes hearing something numerous times before it fully sinks in. Other times it is the repetition that allows you to embrace any vitally important lesson. Or you work with an idea in stages, going deeper each time you are exposed to it again.

May I encourage you to invest in yourself one more time for another 30-minutes or so to see if this opens the door a bit wider  to be more conscious of your mindset, and to get into the zone that will give you the best possible results. After all, the whole point to everything I do is to support you in achieving your goal – to attract and find the love you want with an amazing man.

Happy Listening. Happy MANifesting!

Ronnie Ann Ryan – The Dating Coach for Women Over 40