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Is He Right for Me?

How to Find Mr. Right by Spotting Mr. Wrong
in Three Dates or Less


how to spot a player

Congratulations on registering for this empowering group coaching program. What you are about to learn will change the way you date forever. You will now be able to quickly identify if a man is not the right man for you. You will no longer spend hours agonizing over what a man says or does when you start dating. You will finally be able to decode ManSpeak and his actions so you know if he’s a player and that it’s time to move on.

Please bookmark this page because you will need to come back here frequently during the program. All the materials will be on this page including recordings of the sessions, notes, special reports, cheat sheets, ebook and audios. If you have any questions, you can email me  at Ronnie[at] or call me at 203-877-3777.


3 Wednesdays, September 23, 30 and October 7. Plus the bonus session on October 28.
All programs are from 8-9pm EDT



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Please note, long distance charges may apply depending on your own phone plan.



You have immediate access to some items from the program below. Other items will be posted each week as they become available. Any questions, please contact me 203-877-3777 or Ronnie[at]

The Book:


Special Reports:




Could He Be a Player – The Audio:

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Session #1 Recording:

[audio:|titles=Is He Right for Me 1]

download MP3

Session #1 Notes: Is He Right for Me -1

Cheat Sheet: 20DatingMistakesCheatSheet

The Secret To Attract Quality Men – Audio Program

[audio:|titles=The Secret To Attract Quality Men]

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Session #2 Recording:

[audio:|titles=Is He Right for Me 2]

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Session #2 Notes: Is He Right for Me 2

Cheat Sheet: 30ManTrapsCheatSheet

Audio: How to Stay Positive

[audio:|titles=How to Stay Positive]

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Session #3 Recording:

[audio:|titles=Is He Right for Me 3]

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Session #3 Notes: Session3Notes

Audio: It’s Not You It’s Him

[audio:|titles=It’s Not You It’s Him]

download MP3

Handout: Positive Signs He Could Be The One

If you still want more insights about understanding men, how to meet the right guy, and find the love you want, private coaching might be the answer. I’d be happy to talk to you about this option anytime, just call me at 203-877-3777.  I firmly believe your destiny is to be in a lasting loving relationship.

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