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Is He a Player?  The Replay

understanding men

If you missed last night’s program, I shared details about different types of players and how to spot them that helped many listeners wake up to the kind of men they have dated. Knowing how to quickly identify men who string you along or have a different agenda than you do when it comes to love can be a game changer when it comes to your love life.

The recording is 58 minutes. Unfortunately, I had trouble with last night’s recording and the beginning was cut off a bit and then there is a long empty block after 58 minutes. No need to hang on the line after I say goodbye everyone – it’s just blank tape after.

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Check Out the Follow Up for this Program

understanding men

If you enjoyed the teleclass about how to spot a player, you’ll get so much MORE out of my upcoming three-night workshop called Is He Right for Me?  Starting Monday, May 12th, you’ll discover over 20 Man Traps or games men play to get into your pants or string you along in a casual relationship when you want more. Find out how to spot the wrong guy so fast, you’ll finally be able to stop wasting time on the wrong men!

After taking this program, you’ll wonder why you didn’t see these clues yourself before. It’s amazingly simple, once you know exactly what to look for. You’ll finish up knowing about men, understanding men and being the woman people come to for advice because you actually know what’s going on.

This three-part program includes other helpful materials. You’ll receive two of my most popular audio programs: How to Stay Positive on the Dating Journey and books like We Asked Him: What Single Midlife Men Think about Dating, Love and Women. To read more and Register Now, visit Is He Right for Me?

Think about this. If you don’t take this program, how will you improve your skills for understanding men?

The spring summer season is the very best time of year to meet men and find love. This is a fantastic opportunity to become super savvy and stop wasting time on the wrong guys. See through their games and other nonsense so you don’t linger, hoping things will improve with a man who is not relationship material or emotionally available.

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