8 Love Lessons for Hanukkah

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8 love lessons for HanukkahThanks for stopping by to pick up your Hanukkah present from me, Ronnie Ann Ryan – The Dating Coach for Women. It’s my pleasure to share my proven dating strategies, tips and wisdom with you, whether you are Jewish or not.

While my last name is Ryan, I was brought up a nice Jewish girl and I married an nice Irish guy. My dating advice works around the world whether you are Jewish, Christian, Irish or anything else!

My Clients from Around the World

I’ve worked with clients from China, South Korea, the UK, Portugal, Australia, Canada and the USA of course. As a global society, we are no longer that different regardless of the language spoken or geographic location.

What’s Included?

  • There is a love lesson for each day of Hanukkah including proven strategies to meet men
  • Practical tips that are simple and easy to apply
  • Proven methods for dating over 40 (it’s a lot different than in your 20s!)
  • Insights on what works today to make your efforts more effective!


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Ronnie Ann Ryan – The Dating Coach for Women



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