Chants to MANifest Love

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Why Chanting Works and Chant Descriptions

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These little ditties work like a charm! I used them to:

  • Open my heart
  • Get my love energy flowing
  • Intensify my feminine allure
  • Attract an abundance of great men to date
  • Feel connected and supported by the Universe

The more I sang these tunes, the better the results. Here’s why.

Chants work in the same way as affirmations, but can have an even stronger impact, especially if you like to sing. You don’t need to have a great voice, just a willingness. Many of the world’s religions use chanting or singing to enhance the power of prayer, underscoring its traditional effectiveness for connecting people to a higher source. Adding music to your affirmation aligns your spiritual energy and raises your vibration to make you a match to what you want to attract. This helps you magnetically attract what you desire.

Chanting frequently is what works! Sing on the way to work, in the shower, before going to sleep, upon waking, while exercising or whenever it comes to mind. Chant until it permeates your being and the tune pops into mind without your conscious choice. That’s when you know the chant is really working its wonderful magic.

I developed and used these chants with great success myself. Many of my clients swear by the power of singing these songs. What have you got to lose? Give it a try and discover the powerful changes that can be brought forth with a little music, belief and lightness of heart.

Heart Opener Verse 1 & 2

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Venus Goddess of Love

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Set Me Free

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Make Room for the Right Man

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Life is Magical

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I am One with the Divine

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I’m So Alluring

“I’m So Alluring” heightens your feminine energy and ability to attract men. When I started singing it the results were amazing! This ditty was actually written to be sung to the song Love Potion #9. I don’t have the rights to this song, so I wrote another tune which is what you’ll hear. But really it’s much more fun when sung to Love Potion #9. Here’s a link to the YouTube video of the original so you can hear how the tune goes


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