Having Trouble Getting a Second Date?

Does this happen to you? You have a great time with a guy and you can tell he had fun too. But then you never hear from him again!

You thought you had a great connection and he said he’d call. You might have even talked about what you would do next time. So, how could this happen?

You feel simply heartbroken and disappointed when he doesn’t call again. Maybe he texts, but it never turns into getting together. He’s busy, has excuses or just disappears. No second date. Nothing.

If you could understand what you might have done wrong… If only he could tell you the mistakes you possibly made, wouldn’t that be so helpful?

You’d gladly try again and definitely do things differently if you knew what those things were, right?

If this sounds like you, you can stop worrying right now!

Learn about the mistakes you could be making without even realizing it and how to turn them around to find love with the man you dream of.

12 First Date Mistakes
That Ruin Your Chances For Love

Free Audio Program
By Ronnie Ann Ryan – The Love & Dating Coach for Women

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

Checkmark-1  Find out exactly what turns off high caliber men
Checkmark-1  Know what topics to avoid talking about
Checkmark-1  Discover what creates a strong connection with a quality man
Checkmark-1  Learn how to appear interested without appearing desperate
Checkmark-1  Discover how to be a great first date
Checkmark-1  Understand when honesty is appreciated
Checkmark-1  Learn how to make him feel comfortable around you
Checkmark-1  Know how to make him think about you and want to know more!


My Happy Clients Say…


“You give amazing advice and it does WORK! I am now in a 3+ year, serious relationship. All of your suggestions helped me tremendously. Thank you!”    –Kelley in Massachusetts


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