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12 First Date Mistakes Transcript

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What’s Holding You Back from Finding

The Man of Your Dreams?

If you have been struggling to find love for a while and just can’t seem to find the right man, something is holding you back. Limiting beliefs often lurk beneath the surface of your conscious mind. Sometimes they are appear as true beliefs but are founded on the what the media says, your friends love lives,  or your own disappointing or painful experiences.
To attract the high quality man you long for, the kind of guy who is decisive, smart and fun to be around who will be a supportive friend and romantic lover, you have to get out of your own way. This is exactly what I help my private clients do. With the powerful mindset tools I share, and my proven strategies, you will finally attract the right man for you.


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I only work with a select handful of women at a time. If you ‘d like to find out what’s holding you back and takes steps to shake things up so you can meet the man who will take you in his arms, kiss you passionately and be there for you, schedule a complimentary session today. We’ll talk for 45-minutes to discover your limiting beliefs and find out how coaching can help.


Since 2002, I’ve worked with thousands of women who have found  “The  One” or successfully accelerated their search for love. My practical and down-to-earth dating advice has been featured on BBC radio, FOX and ABC News, NPR, Fox News Online Magazine, eHarmony, Huffington Post, MORE Magazine, Connecticut Magazine, among others in the US, Canada and Australia.


It would be my pleasure to help you connect with the magic of love and find the right man faster than you can doing the same things you’ve already tried and been doing. You deserve a soul-satisfying and lasting love that makes you wonder why you ever waited so long to take this step. Set up your session now.




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