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Look below to see what my happy clients say about working with me. Women of all ages and romantic backgrounds finally found lasting love or started dating and enjoying meeting men after many years.



Here’s What Happy Clients Say

“Before I worked with Ronnie, I was clueless. Dating in your 40’s is very different from your 20’s.  I didn’t know how to meet men, what to do once I met them, or even what makes for a good relationship.


I dipped my toe into what felt like shark-infested online dating waters and quickly withdrew it after a few wacky encounters.  I read lots of books but everyone offered different perspectives, and I didn’t know who to trust.  And don’t even get me started on the well-meaning but misguided advice offered by friends.


I stumbled across Ronnie’s blog out of sheer desperation and noticed that I had made Every Single Mistake she talked about in her posts.  That’s when I knew I needed help, and I knew she could help me.


Ronnie seemed like a pragmatic romantic or maybe even a fairy godmother (or sister) who would either sprinkle fairy dust on you or knock you gently on the head with her wand as needed.


I knew I was in good hands with Ronnie from the start.  First we took a look at some of the misguided beliefs I had about men, love and relationships.  We identified my must have’s and deal breakers.  That gave me a solid foundation from which to start looking.  Ronnie helped me develop a strategy for how to meet men both online and off.  She also coached me on how to move quickly from online to off.  Priceless!


I loved what I learned about taking my time and not rushing into a relationship just because he seems amazing at the beginning. And how to pick myself up and dust myself off when I got rejected.  There truly are lots of fish in the sea!


Because of my work with Ronnie, dating is different for so many reasons.  I have a strategy. I have positive beliefs about myself and men.  Going out on dates with new guys is easy because I’m just trying to see whether we might be compatible; I’m not trying to prove anything.  In fact, the biggest lesson I’ve learned?  I’m the prize, not the guy.  The guy I end up choosing to have a relationship with is going to be one lucky man, and he’ll know it.


If you’re thinking about working with Ronnie, here’s what I can tell you: She’s knowledgeable, funny, warm and super compassionate.  She won’t sugarcoat things, but you don’t need someone to sugarcoat it.  You need someone to tell it to you straight.


She’ll help you take a look at your own stuff and how it’s getting in the way.  She’ll provide you with a step-by-step strategy and get you comfortable with dating.  And most importantly you’ll have a guide who knows what she’s talking about and will support you every step of the way. Working with Ronnie has been a fantastic experience for me, and I’m so thankful I reached out to her.” –Monica, Washington

We’re Engaged!

dating coach“I decided to work with Ronnie after a terrible, heartbreaking experience with online dating. I had issues trusting men after dealing with scammers. She tweaked my profile and things moved into high gear as I met a LOT of men.


Well, I am pleased to say, after dating 15 men, #16 stuck! James just got engaged! We share the same faith, values and many similarities. He even is as passionate about music and dancing as I am – which is pretty amazing at our age. We are both young at heart.


I have never felt so loved and cherished. I adore him and he feels likewise.  He encourages me every single day, tells me I am beautiful, a gift from God and sexy. He brings me flowers for no reason, just to let me know he is thinking of me. He has been a gentleman from the start and calls me his lady.


Everyone sees how happy we are and even strangers make comments. I never knew I would be treated so well. What a blessing it is to be in love at this stage of life. Next month I will turn 63, but I feel 21 inside thanks to James. Thank you Ronnie!”  -Sharon, Illinois


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