Please Bottle The Art of Surrender And Send It To Me!

Familiar with the art of surrender? In this week’s episode, Soul Guide and Business Coach, Vanessa Broers, shares her story about magic, business, shamanism and divine feminine energy.

Authentic and Real

Authentic and realVanessa is all about authenticity and openly reveals where she is on her journey in life and business.

After I introduced her, she mentioned how “baked in” it is in our culture to look a certain way and appear successful. That means many people guard the real truth of their experience.

She said it was too bad I didn’t read a different bio for her, having to stick with this radical level of realness. Then we had a good laugh! This episode is brimming with laughter and authenticity, so enjoy!

Practical Magic for the Entrepreneur

As a soul guide and business coach, Vanessa insists that being an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to experience magic. To her, practical magic means you are in pursuit of material results but get them in magical ways.

This happens not only by your effort alone, but also with a deep level of surrender. And it’s amplified the more authentic you are. To her, self-expression is a major requirement of magic.

The reason entrepreneurship is such a potent container for practical magic is because it leaves you nowhere to hide. It reflects where you aren’t that skilled, as well as where you have insecurities and limiting beliefs.

Entrepreneurship is a neutral mirror that’s not trying to make you wrong, neither does it apologize for reflecting the harsh truth. When you see flaws and allow yourself to go inward to connect with the divine, essentially you heal as you become freer.

This makes you more fearless to do the work, and become more yourself. You also align with the synchronicities of life because you are vibrating the truth of who you are. This attracts things, situations, and people into your life for help and further growth.

There Are 4 Types of Work

1. Outer Work that Creates Outer Results – For example, if you want to paint your house, you buy paint and a brush and get started. This is where most people “camp out.”

2. Inner Work that Creates Outer Results – This is where you work on your belief systems on the inner plane to shift and get results on the outer plane.

3. Inner Work that Creates Inner Results – This is like therapy and healing. But what creates confusion is when people think inner work will create outer results, which is not how it works.

4. Outer Work that Creates Inner Results – This is where magic really comes into play using ancient rituals and ceremonies. Giving offerings to the land and being in nature so it can crack you open.

Learn about Shamanism and the Elemental Goddess

The Art of Surrender

Soul Guide & Business Coach Vanessa BroersVanessa has been doing this inner work and chugging along, doing great, creating outer success. Then out of nowhere, she had a financial collapse.

Her first reaction was pure panic, fear and bursting into tears, as you can imagine. But within minutes, she went to her altar and prayed for help to let go.

This is the art of surrender. And she got a message! As a result, she felt totally and immediately liberated.

This is an amazing example of outer work that created an inner result. Going to the altar and working on the art of surrender. Think of the four types of work as a menu to figure out what other way you can create a shift and move forward.

It works like a road map because anyone can get lost at times. Instead of making yourself wrong, simply think of the four kinds of work to see which one you might have relied on too heavily. Then pick another one to try.

A Client Example of Surrender

Next, I asked Vanessa for a client example and how this worked. She responded that several of her clients are also in the same boat of having the external world collapsing.

She tells her clients openly that if they want a rebirth, they have to be ready for the death of something to happen first.

Vanessa has a program called Permission Power Vision. Clients go to her boxing gym to create a huge somatic release. This promotes going deep into the emotional side of things.

The idea is to do the outer work by moving the body which creates a massive inner release (i.e., the art of surrender) to create the inner shift. The second day is a spa day, allowing your body to do the inner work of assimilating.

Recently, one of her clients did the program and in one day she lost her job and left her relationship. But the woman remained strong and didn’t fall apart at all. She knew this was right and it was magical how these events aligned.

Vanessa asked her to do more outer work like ceremonies and looked at the way she wanted to create a new life. It absolutely takes bravery and courage.

We both laughed about how we thought finding the spiritual path would make our lives easier – ha!

Truthfully, even three years ago, Vanessa admits she liked the “woo” but wouldn’t consider doing these kinds of ceremonies. Today she knows that ceremony as outer work is a game changer.

How She Got into Shamanism

The art of surrenderWorking with a coach and doing a Joe Dispenza 21-day body reconditioning program helped her feel a lot more harmonious. Then suddenly, rage appeared and surprised her. Her coach suggested she needed to work with a Shaman.

This began her exploration into Shamanism. Her first Shaman told her so many mind-blowing things, it cracked her open. She went deeper and felt that if she was going to really dive into Shamanism, it would have to be a calling.

One day she stood before her altar and made a declaration to be cracked open to her full power and nothing less. The next day she went for a walk and came upon a single hawk wing on the path.

Listen to more on Shamanism and Intuition

She sent a picture to her new Shaman teacher Leann, who told her this is the hallmark call to the Shaman path. She’s at the very beginning of her official journey to becoming a Shaman. The art of surrender will be a part of this work.

I shared how the other day I saw two eagles perched high up in a tree on my morning walk. Vanessa explained eagle medicine is the essence of liberation of the spirit. And it’s the messenger between heaven and earth with precise vision.

We wrapped up talking a bit more about letting go and the art of surrender in a powerful way. Then she offered two freebies that you want to get! – This gift reveals 5 stages that wake you up to the truth of who you are and one of those is the art of surrender.  Vanessa also invites you to her quarterly free event called Emergence – a half day of deep work which sounds amazing.

BIO – Vanessa Broers

shamanismVanessa Broers is a soul guide and business coach blending the practical with the magical. She takes being real and authentic to a radical new level. Vanessa is set on innovating the hierarchy-based model in the coaching/personal development and spiritual industry.

Not trying to make herself look impressive, Broers is willing to reveal the real-time challenges she experiences to model what doing the real work looks like.

She’s not afraid to make herself look ‘bad’ if it liberates the people she serves. In her world, there is no ‘there’ to arrive at in the name of success – spiritual or material.

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