Playing the Field

Playing the Field9/21/2005

(heard on WHDH-TV in Boston)

Are you single and love the Red Sox? Well, now that passion for baseball may be able to lead you to a perfect match.A die-hard fan has come up with a new way of "playing the field."

When it comes to love… The Red Sox have a winning record.

Bride: "I joyfully take you as my husband"

Last fall, the World Series victory sparked this Fenway wedding.

Bachelor: "If the Red Sox win that would be a cool way to propose."

And the unthinkable brought several bachelors to their knees.

It even sparked love in Hollywood…with the movie "Fever Pitch".

But before the big game of "marriage"… Can the sox be a "starter" when it comes to relationships?

Diehard fan, Tim Lampa, is on a "wild pitch" to "strike up" love with an online dating site called matching

Tim Lampa
It’s to find people to watch the games so you don’t have to watch it alone.

The site plays out 2 ways…

A fan with an extra ticket looks for a date for the game…

Or you can sign up for group outings to cheer on the sox at sports bars.

Tim Lampa
"It’s better than meeting someone and being oh you’re a Yankees fan or like you don’t like baseball."

To see if this site strikes out or hits a home run…we found two fans to go up to bat.

Here’s the starting line-up….

For the guys…Sean Warren…a 30 year old, life long fan who works in Boston.

For the gals…Jennifer Lavoie, 28 from New Hampshire…she also loves the Sox.

The first inning…a few drinks at a Fenway pub…

Sean Warren
"Seem to be hitting it off good."

Jennifer Lavoie
"So far he seems very nice. We have a lot of common interests."

Now it’s time to head to the ballpark.

Both Sean and Jennifer know the sox could win or lose and so could this match up.

Jennifer Lavoie
"Tonight if anything i meet a new friend."

The pictures show a fun time…

But when it comes to finding love online you need to play it safe…

Dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan says guard all of your personal information until you know each other better.

Ronnie Ann Ryan The dating coach
"So don’t reveal your last name, don’t use your regular email address use a different email address. Don’t give away your phone number because you can put that in the reverse phone book and look that up."

Now here’s the stats..both Sean and Jennifer had a great time.

And they agree this is a fun way of "playing the field"

But just like it takes more than one game to win a championship…it takes more than one date to win a heart.

The Matching Sox site costs roughly $35 a year.

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