Patti Stanger – The Chauvinist and the Playboy

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger

This week’s episode of the Millionaire Matchmaker had me laughing several times. My favorite “yuck” was after her intimate dinner party that included two millionaire men and six willing beauties. They are all standing after dinner and Patti was giving one last tip before everyone departed for the evening.

Patti asked a leading question leaving out one word, and anticipating that the women would know the correct answer to fill in the blank. “Don’t Sleep with Anyone Without ______”. The women all sang back in chorus “condoms!” Oh NO! That’s not what Patti expected and so I cracked up! She wanted them to say, “Monogamy” but she can’t seem to get it through these select, LA girls’ heads.

You all remember the definition of Monogamy -when you only sleep with each other. Patti looked appalled and reinforced her dating philosophy rigorously. As a dating coach for women over 40, I know how hard this idea can be. I suggest that each woman make the right choice for her, but date smart to guard her heart.

I’ll give Brian some credit. I didn’t think he could pull it off but did a great job with his date. He did all the right things – classically speaking, if you like champagne and roses (and not many of us would refuse). Debra was the model of confidence, demonstrating how she wasn’t flustered by Brian’s cutie brigade.

Then there is David. Patti dragged him over to Tori Spelling’s house where Tori was domesticating in the kitchen. She made her visitors scones and fancy drinks with mint sprigs. Please! I bet that’s an every day occurrence at Tori’s.

And let’s not forget Tori let her live chicken roam the table top where they were eating. They got a shot of the chicken pecking a scone – thank goodness there are no eggs in scones!

I don’t understand Patti’s insistence for showing David the light on what a woman is capable of today. The guy is a ripped, soon-to-be balding chauvinist – just give him the type of woman he wants so they can both be happy. He wants a traveling companion and mother. Really what’s wrong with that any way? Not every woman wants to be a business tycoon as far  as I know.

David’s idea of a date – the cold sauna. Are you kidding me? His date swore a lot in her amazingly skimpy bikini (just jealous because I never could wear one) and finally begged to be let out. The owner of the cold plunge was so surprised that she didn’t feel euphoric.

After, they lounged on chairs, she had a blanket and finally David started to snuggle her to help her get warm. How sweet. (Ugh) Next the big hot tub and removal of clothing…followed by dinner and the “deed”. As a dating coach, I would agree with Patti, that woman should not have made her sell  SO available to David. He conquered and move on. How typical. Not sure why he needed a matchmaker for that ending – he can probably pick up women on his own.

I thought Patti would do her usual big drama tossing David out of the club, but not this time. She held back this time. Learning some restraint maybe…

On to next week!

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