Dating Over 40: Parting Has Never Been So…Lucrative?

Last night I went to a friend’s party.  At the end of the night a few people were still sitting around and the subject came up about my dating coaching business. Carla was talking about how over the years she has received some nice "Parting Gifts" from guys who broker up with her.

What?  I’ve never heard of this. Have any of you?

It seems that Carla, a good looking, very nice 45 year old single woman has been given three over her dating years. All provided as "consolation" by the guy breaking up with her.  Here’s what she got:
1) A Bianchi bicycle including helmet and pump
2) A Montblanc Pen – although not the model she desired, so the guy exchanged it so she could  have the click action instead!
3) Baccarat Crystal champagne glasses – which he gave her during dinner. He ordered a bottle of bubbly, poured it into the new glasses he gave her and toasted to the end of their relationship!


My breakups never looked like that – have yours? Maybe some screaming, crying, slamming down of telephone receivers. Maybe some avoidance, an exchange of belongings via boxes left outside the door.  But usually ugliness.  What’s up with the gift giving?

I don’t think Carla has made a "career" out of collecting these consolation prizes – like a contestant on a game show who doesn’t make it to round two. But this "happy ending" didn’t happen to her once or twice but THREE TIMES.  To tell you the truth, I’m not sure I’d want a nice parting gift – the more to remember him by – yuck! 

I must admit these three fellows did exit stage left with  style.  A champagne toast to the end of a relationship – honestly – I just don’t know what to say…Had it happened to me, the likelihood that bubbly would have been spit back in his face out of pure shock is mighty high.  It’s almost like a movie scene – perhaps something from Entourage on HBO.

OK, I get the assuaging of a man’s guilt with expensive gifts – softening the blow maybe. But it’s a new one on me.  If anyone has RECEIVED or for that matter GIVEN goodbye goodies, please let me know.  Thanks!

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