Open Your Heart, Feel Radiant, Find Love with Blissful Heart Meditations

Open your heart to feel more love and find love again. It’s simple with the Blissful Heart Meditations created for women. Sit back, relax and let the heart healing begin.

open your heart

Heartbreak Has Lasting Impact

Every woman has had her heart broken at some point. Whether it was a simple school girl crush or the love of your life, heartbreak is real and has lasting impact. And if you’ve been dating for a while and can’t seem to find the right guy, the heartache can build up over time.

However, if you want to find lasting love, a clear and open heart is the most magnetic. You’ll want to clear up any leftover feelings and heal old wounds to attract the highest quality love possible.

Even if you are in a good relationship now, you still may want to take time to clear your heart. Doing so can elevate your current relationship and relate to each other to take things to the next level.

But how can you do that?

Self-Guided Meditation

blissful heartThat’s why I created these 10 empowering guided meditations. So you can go through the series, one-by-one to eliminate the affects of past hurt and free yourself from any negativity about previous relationships that might weigh you down. It’s very common and often you don’t even realize how these old wounds are still active and getting in the way of feeling love in your life.

These creative inner journeys will  help you release what no longer serves you. Why hold onto that stuff? Who needs old boyfriends and crushes taking up real estate in your heart?

It’s time to break free of old patterns and thoughts about yourself and love that are getting in your way of enjoying all the love you deserve. Love is always available, but you need to be aware and open to it to receive it.

Short Meditations Make It Easy!

With 10 simple, relaxing and fun meditations, you can clear the past and open your heart to love more fully. The 20-minute format can fit into even the busiest day and has the added benefit of relaxing your mind and body at the same time. You can make it part of your self-care routine.

With 10 different topics about love, you will cover the bases for what might have occurred in your past.Open your heart and move forward to attract a new and better love. Lasting love. The kind of love you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Doing this on your own is not easy. You might not even know where to start. Don’t worry, you don’t need to figure anything out. All you have to do is put on your headphones, sit back and follow along. That’s why guided meditations have been proven to be so helpful!

5 Heart-Healing Meditations

Blissful heartClear the Heart – Regardless of the past hurt you have endured, you can clear it out simply with this guided meditation.

Radiant Heart Healing – Heal any past wounds so you can recovery your true radiance to enjoy love once again.

Open the Heart – Only with an open heart can you attract the healthy love you deeply desire.

Love Yourself – All love starts with self-love. No matter how much you’ve heard this, feeling it matters most.

Believe in Love – If you don’t believe you can find love, you will live a self-fulling prophecy. Believing in love is a priority to attract the lasting love you want most.

5 Love Vibe Meditations

Open the Mind – Sometimes your mind gets in the way of connecting with the love you desire. Discover how to open your mind to love again.

Feel Desirable – A big part of attracting love is feeling that you are a desirable woman. So many women have lost touch with their feminine allure and it’s time to turn that around!

Attract Love – Once you open your heart and heal the wounds, then you are ready to attract love into your life. This short meditations will help you do just that.

Act as If – When you come from a place of knowing love is your destiny, then you can act as if it’s already happened. This is the foundation of the Law of Attraction and elevates your energy to a vibrational match with the love you want.

Go for Gratitude – The frequency of gratitude is a very high-level vibration. When you feel grateful for love, you are so much more attractive to the kind of quality relationship you hope for.

Bonus Short Meditation

open your heartPlus, you’ll also receive a 10-minute daily meditation to make sure once you open your heart, it stays open and ready for love. Stay on track and keep your love vibe at a high level so you can connect with and find “The One”.

Open Your Heart Today

Sometimes women put off looking for love, thinking it will be easier later. Or that i’s worth waiting because you’ll have more time in the future. Unfortunately, neither is likely. The sooner you open your heart, the more you can feel right now.

You Deserve Love

And you deserve love! You are already worthy, you just have to realize this truth. When you let go of the past, clear and open your heart, you open to all types of love. You can feel more love for friends, family, pets, neighbors, and more. Love is everywhere once you open your heart.

Download for Free

The best part is, if you don’t already have an audible account, you can get this series of 11 meditations for free! Otherwise it’s just $14.95 which is a fantastic value for this much healing and so many great short meditations.

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Open your heart to love today with the Blissful Heart meditations!




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