How to Open Your Heart to Love with Mindfulness

Ready to open your heart to love but now sure how? Try these simple mindfulness practices to get things started and allow your love energy to flow.

Open Heart to LoveWhether or not you are hoping to find love, opening your heart can change your life in many positive ways. Take a moment right now to think what it means to be open. When you are open you will:

Meet new people
Feel more confident
Make new friends
Attract new opportunities
Seem more attractive and noticeable to others
Be more spontaneous
Feel more creative
And so much more!

With an open heart your approach to life will be softer and far more enjoyable. You’ll probably feel more relaxed, worry less and have a lot more fun.

Sound good? Seriously who wouldn’t want these amazing benefits, especially if it were easy to achieve?

There are a number of “mindfulness practices” that can make this your reality. Simple exercises can change how you are feeling in the moment, open your heart to love and the world.

What is “Mindfulness”?

According to Google, mindfulness is a state of being conscious or aware of something. It’s also a therapeutic technique that provides a calm mental state arrived at by focusing your awareness on the present moment including your thoughts, feelings and body. Ahhh, now we are getting somewhere!

My favorite new podcasts is called Your Great Journey. These podcasts share tips and suggestions from a variety of self-improvement audio books. One in particular addresses opening your heart through mindfulness.  it starts with simply being kinder to yourself – something I talk about often.

Most people are not so nice to themselves. Their normal inner chatter is berating and down right mean. Their thoughts are filled with comments such as, “Your so stupid,” “Who would be friends with you?” or “That’s never going to happen”. Most people would never say these things that they say to themselves internally.

As a result, these nasty thoughts eat away at your confidence and self esteem. So naturally your heart might not be as open as it could be!

open your heart to love
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction helps You to Open Your Heart to Love

The podcast  shares easy tips that can get you on the road to opening your heart. If you could feel more self assured and joyful with these simple practices, attract love and make new friends, its well worth a listen! Just 8 minutes could change everything.

Discover how to open your heart, be kinder to yourself and improve your life with Your Great Journey’s podcasts. I never miss one!





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