Dating Online or Thinking About It

Is Online Dating the Solution for Midlife Singles or a Curse of the Digital Age?

Well, you could probably say both. But for every negative you come up with, I can give you several reasons why you should get online anyway.

Why am I so positive about online dating? Well for one thing, where else can you meet men? The options for dating over 40 are dwindling quickly.

See, midlife men tend not to join groups. They stick with friends and family and don’t to explore social opportunities to the same extent single women do. Women seek community. You join groups, go to dances, look for ways to meet new people at a higher rate than midlife men.

So, if you want to meet single men over 40, the best thing you can do is go where the men are. Where are they? Yes, you guessed it – they are online!

According to new statistics, over 20% of all relationships start online. That’s a big enough number until you think about this…It’s been reported that the #1 way singles over 50 meet is online!

Now you may have thoughts like these about meeting new people on the Internet:

  • Online dating is not for me
  • There aren’t any good men online
  • I’ve tried online dating and I didn’t like it
  • The men all want younger women
  • They guys online are all scammers and players
  • The same men have been on those sites for years
  • It’s too scary to even think about
  • I don’t have time to email guys on those sites

It’s my job as a dating coach for women to help you get over these misconceptions and discover how to make the most of this effective tool to find love. I can write your online dating profile for you and provide dating coaching to educate you about what works, help you avoid common but devastating mistakes and stay active and motivated to find the love you want.

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MANifesting Mr. Right

I woke up on my 40th birthday still single. I had a good life with a great job and plenty of girlfriends. But I didn’t have a loving relationship with the right man and I had absolutely no prospects.

Then I decided to figure dating over 40 and find the love I longed for. The strategies I used that helped my meet the man of my dreams are what I share with single women today. These simple methods have worked for countless women and will work for you too!

“Ronnie’s book has a smart, upbeat approach that gave me hope again after 40. I’m dating more now than I ever did in my teenage years!” – Cynthia, 41 in NY

“Thanks Ronnie. After a painful divorce, you helped steer me in the right direction, regain the confidence I needed, and remind me that I deserve real happiness. When I met Bob, I knew he qualified for the Mr. Right position and now we are happily married.” – Terry, 54 in CT

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Sizzle vs. Fizzle Home Study Course

My Home Study Course, Sizzle vs. Fizzle Online includes everything you need to have good results online. So much of the dating disasters stem from people simply not understanding how things work on the web. But once you know, then you will start meeting quality men and going on dates to find the love you want.

Here’s what you will learn in my program:

  • How to write a profile that gets the attention you deserve
  • What to say about yourself that makes a man contact you
  • How to write emails that get answered
  • What are the best photos to appeal to men
  • How to develop a headline that catches his eye
  • How to use online dating as efficiently as possible
  • What to expect and a peek into what is “normal” for the web
  • How to weed out undesirable men
  • How to get to the first “the phone call” and not blow it
  • Conversation do’s and don’ts
  • First dates suggestions
  • Safety tips
  • And so much more!

Plus, this program has many helpful and valuable bonuses including two special reports: 10 Reasons a Woman should Never Pay on the First Date and 10 Kind Ways to Say “No Thank You”.

“Once Ronnie explained what is considered “normal” for online dating, everything came into perspective. My frustration level decreased dramatically and what really surprised me was that the number of interactions with men increased at the same time. I can see how the right attitude makes all the difference in terms of contacts. Plus, better photos brought me tons more interest. Ronnie knows what she’s talking about.” –Margot in DC

Get everything you need to find love online in this detailed and practical guide to online dating success.

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Private Dating Coaching and Dating Profile Writing

Don’t know what to say in your dating profile? It’s not easy to write about yourself or know what to include. One thing I can tell you is that most women focus on the absolute wrong details when they write the profile themselves. Don’t make these common mistakes when you can hire me to write a fabulous profile for you. And the best part is, it will represent the real you while crafted to appeal to men.

But the profile is just the first part. There is so much to know about how to make the most of digital dating. Often single gals think everything about online dating is obvious, but sadly this is not true. Count on me to be your expert guide and help you avoid the devastating pitfalls so many step in.

With the Dating Profile Writing and Coaching package, you’ll get a profile that stands out and captures male attention. Plus, you’ll get strategies to write great emails, have a great first phone call and go out on dates to meet new men. I’ll be there to help you navigate through these uncharted waters of internet dating.

Why go through it alone or rely on your girlfriends who are not objective or as knowledgeable? Don’t risk wearing out your friendships because you need so much help and have so many questions. Let me virtually hold your hand through the process so you find the love you want.

“Since you revised my profile for me, the volume of emails I get has zoomed! Not only that but the quality of men who contact me now has really improved. Doctors, lawyers – professional and highly successful men. I’m really thrilled with your help and recommend you to any woman serious about finding love.” –Brenda in CT

“Ronnie –I finally posted the profile you wrote for me and the photos we discussed on It’s been just two days and I already see a huge difference in the responses I am getting! Thanks so much for your help. I want to encourage other women who may be struggling with online dating to work with you so they can have the same new success I’m having!” –Zahura in NC

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