New Scientific Study Exposes Online Dating Site Matching as Bogus!

Matching by Online Dating Sites Isn’t Scientific!

Scientists Expose Online Dating Site Matching as Unscientific

I am so excited to share this with you! If you know me or have read my blog, you know how I feel about online dating sites that match you. It’s total hogwash And now I have science behind me!

As reported by CBS News, new research has been completed proving my gut instincts to be correct. In the next issue of Science in the Public Interest, experts from four universities review reports from over 400 psychological studies and surveys. Their findings expose how the matching algorithms and procedures used by online dating sites as faulty and limited at best.

What sites were reviewed?  eHarmony, OKCupid and Chemistry were mentioned in the CBS News post. To me the worst offender is eHarmony whose ridiculously long questionnaire sends men packing. I helped a male client once go through the endless questioning which was beyond grueling.

Many clients have dumped all online dating thinking other services would be like eHarmony – hardly any men and no hope! In fact, I’ve had clients who had been rejected by the site, being told they couldn’t find a match for them. My opinion is that they just have too few men, especially out here in the eastern US.

In addition, scientists pointed out how the online dating industry has disregarded relationship science, counting on scientific sounding words like “matching algorithms” in their advertising. Many sites do have a scientist on the team, like Dr. Pepper Schwartz for Perfectmatch, yet it sounds like the science is not as active in their methodology as the reviewing scientists would like to see. Perhaps creating an effective matching system would be cost prohibitive. It’s hard to say.

Online Dating Is Still Viable Method to Find Love

So are you thinking, “Now what am I supposed to do?” Not to worry. Online dating is still a viable method for meeting new dating prospects. Only the matching sites are dubious in their scientific method. The good news is you can still do your own sorting to find dates. And there is no denying that 20% of all relationships today do start online. So don’t give up – keep going!

Forget those matching sites, especially eHarmony which has so few men over 40 (via my own anecdotal evidence) and  rely on your own instincts to find the love you want and deserve. Register with large sites like, PlentyofFish, ChristianCafe and JDate, all of which allow you to select people that you want to connect with.


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  1. Thank you for my chance to look and listen to women’s inner circle,I appreciate you . I often seek for more insight into the art of confidence with women, I have my own style but it is always nice to hear what women are feeling about men today ,its amazing all the resources that women have men are still relevant,I adore women of all cultures and physical appearance,fun and intimacy. I have met women on dating sites, but I
    would like to master confidence with women in public and feelingconfident
    women and being more approachable,flirty,and available,my job takes most of my social time ,but I still yearn for the comfort of women ,

  2. I had the same experience with – after opening up my geography to nationwide, they were matching me up with high school graduates in Maine, who had nothing in common with me………..and I am 55.

    I did meet my fiance on 8 months ago so it does work very well. We are getting married this October.


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