Additional Resources – Ronnie’s Books

Additional Resources – Ronnie’s Books

We Asked Him! – What Midlife Single Men Think About Dating, Love and Women (PDF)

This short book is based on a panel discussion with five  single men over 50 who answered questions from an audience of single women 35+. Very insightful and surprisingly positive.

Manifesting Mr. Right (PDF)

This is my original flagship book, explaining all the methods I used to meet 30 men in 15 months and find the adorable man I married. This is the foundation for My Time For Love and much of the material is covered in this program. However, some clients prefer the book format.

Is He The One (PDF)

If you have trouble often choosing the wrong men or are tired of the guys who end up wasting your time, this book will open your eyes to the games men play. Once you know what to watch for, the signs of a man who is not serious become easy to spot quickly.

Bonus Downloads:
10 Ways To Say No Thanks (PDF)

10 Reasons Woman Should Never Pay on the 1st Date (PDF)

50 Ways to Meet Men (PDF)