Mr. Right Blueprint-D

Is he the one

Thank you for choosing this Free Audio gift from Ronnie Ann Ryan – The Dating Coach. This Mr. Right Blueprint is part of the “Is He the One?” program which helps you better understand men, yourself and which men have potential to be a good match. Even after just three dates, you will quickly catch on to signals that a man is definitely in the Mr. Wrong category or if he has promise for true love.  Stop wasting time on the wrong men and free yourself up to find the right man for you.

In addition to the Mr. Right Blueprint, I have included a 30-minute audio that explains how to find Mr. Right by spotting Mr. Wrong faster. If you follow the program, the suggestions and tips work. You will stop wondering and know that you are making a smart choice and walking away from men who will surely disappoint you, disappear, never commit, and leave you frustrated and single.


have a good understanding when you meet a man and and more. Even though dating success should be obvious, it just isn’t so don’t blame yourself. But, you are very smart to learn from dating experts like me to discover what you need to know to find “The One” more quickly and easily.

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