More Bad Press for the Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti Stanger - Thanks Peter Tangen/Bravo

Not sure how many of you read the NY Post, but Thursday, they ran a piece on page 6 about the millionaires she’s been matching in this season. Let’s just say that several of them aren’t too happy with how they were portrayed, never mind the unhappy matches.

A couple say that their business is off directly related to how they appeared on the show. David Vrouble complained that Patti called him “creepy” eight times. Dude – you are creepy and you can’t tell me you aren’t. But maybe that was in the editing (yeah, right.)

On the other hand, you get what you deserve when you expose yourself on this type of “reality” show. Those who signed up wanted to be famous – and now you are.  I have found that when you are in the hands of the media, you never know what they’ll choose to do with you.

I was being interviewed on the morning TV news in Boston and the anchor told me my dating advice was too obvious. Gee thanks for your opinion babe. Maybe you should try some of it – like smiling more and being  nice to people. OK, I’m not bitter – it was still great press!

But sometimes things go from bad to worse. The NY Post went on to say that rumors are flying Bravo might not sign Stanger up for season six and instead may seek out a new matchmaker. (Janis Spindel – will it be you? Samantha’s Table perhaps?) Other street dirt claims Patti is shopping her show around, but that she and the network might have to duke it out over who owns the show.

In the meantime, the team is about to start shooting season five. Everything has its time and things maybe winding down for our favorite TV matchmaker. Patti, in season 5, you may want to try some of that feminine charm -just so you know you can keep your bread buttered after the season is over. You never know what can happen, but you can always rely on this old adage:-You can catch more flies with honey.

But hey, maybe you aren’t looking for flies…

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2 thoughts on “More Bad Press for the Millionaire Matchmaker”

  1. Thanks Michelle – wouldn’t that be fun- my own show! I’d be happy with radio.

    I like what you said – finish up with a positive season – Hey Patti – we encourage you to think seriously about a positive ending!

  2. It does seem like every season gets a little nastier with fewer and fewer successful matches. I’ve always thought this was bad for Patti’s business, but I guess it’s more important to create drama for interesting TV and ratings. While once in a while it’s shocking and funny, all the negative does grow old after a while. I mean, aren’t we tuning in because we all want love and want to do it right, not to see someone raked over the coals? If you sign up to be a client, you are pretty much guaranteed to get torn down, so that “she” can build you back up, just to throw you out of the club at the end. I noticed she changed her opening line from “a 99% success rate” to “a very high success rate.” I definitely think Patti has sold herself and her reputation out for TV production value. If she has any business sense or pride, she should turn her show back to the positve spin to redeem herself. Then finish strong with a positive, last, and final season and get back to real successful matchmaking. I haven’t had a TV these past few months, so I’ve only caught a few of the shows that have been released online, but they all have been that negative drama. I’m over it. Hey Ronnie, you need a show!


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