Millionaire Matchmaker: This Week’s Episode Was a Creep Fest!

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Did you watch this week’s Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo? More like Tales from the Cript, the guy’s might have had money but were richer in creep factor. Shall I say “eeeewwwwooooo!”

Creepy Millionaire #1 – Dave – The Facts:

  • Just moved out from living with is brother at 35!
  • Strange looking – “like a serial killer” was one description
  • Leers at women and is highly socially awkward

Dave was supposed to take his Alyea for a romantic dinner. But instead, he started at the market at Grand Central – who takes a  date to train station to shop? OK, we’ll give him that he was buying dessert and his date must have a sweet tooth because she picked out a lot of options. (yummy 🙂

Next, he took her to some restaurant – very exclusive and they had their own table. Trouble was he took the liberty of ordering her food. Uni (raw sea urchin) and duck embryos! OMG! I’m a huge sushi fan but uni is truly the WORST thing that has ever passed through my lips. 

Top off the super gross food with Dave’s freakish,  controlling behavior, telling her how “She will eat it.”  He also admitted that this was a test. A test of what? How much of your wacky, insane, freakish, controlling behavior she should tolerate to date you?

What a prize huh?

Then he proceeded to blame Patti for a horrible date during his debriefing. This is one time I was thrilled to see Patti throw a client out of her office. Although I did wish she had addressed the controlling behavior, ( “You will eat it”) before she kicked him to the curb. (Well a girl can’t have every little thing I suppose.)

Creepy Millionaire #2 – Doug – The Facts:

  • Thinks about sex first
  • Over-focused on sex
  • No long-term relationships
  • Talks about sex in first 10-minutes

Doug goes on his two mini-dates and what does he talk about? SEX. Oh come on! Asking a woman is she’s shy about sex, a dominatrix, etc. OMG – who can believe this guy?I can’t help but think that a man who has to talk about sex that much isn’t even good at it. Plus, as I always tell my dating coaching clients, if a man talks about sex on the first date, then you know exactly what he’s looking for – that’s right – primarily SEX. 

Now, he’s not the first millionaire to take his date to a spa. Last season or the one before, there were the two millionaire’s who after the mixer selected each other. He owned a high-end hotel in Canada and she  owned her own company and had a small child.  They went to his spa but it was like an outdoor pool in an amazing nature-like setting. Some how the whole thing was more tasteful, maybe because he wasn’t creepy.

But a spa seems rather intimate for a first date with a sex maniac. YUCK. His date, a woman who is a professional dancer luckily had been in the Israeli army – so she could certainly take care of herself.  Doug did seem to calm down during dinner and act more normal – as normal as Doug gets. But Patti had to yell at him too.

When my dating coaching clients come to me, insisting on a man who has a lot of money, I explain that it usually comes with a price. You can see the price when you watch these crazy episodes.

I can’t imagine what is next…but I’ll certainly tune in next week to find out!

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