Millionaire Matchmaker Matches the Manzo Brothers

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Did you watch Patti Stanger last night on Bravo? The network has this marketing strategy to cross-promote between their popular shows. So Patti was “called in” by Caroline (The Real Housewives of New Jersey) for her two sons Albi and Chris.

Albi was chided by his celebrity mom for being too guarded with the ladies during the mixer. This made Patti ask the question, “When will you cut those apron strings?” Good question Patti – Albi is 24.

The “mixer” was actually not a mixer at all – Patti and her team brought all the women for both sons to the Brownstone location and had the women believing they’d meet the millionaires for lunch. Then Albi and Chris mingled with the women while they were “waiting.” This certainly took the pressure off the guys and helped  them feel like the women weren’t just going after their money.

Albi picked a great gal and they seemed to hit it off on a romantic, fun date including sailing around Manhattan and having a nice dinner. Chris on the other hand, took his date to a private dinner at Medieval Times in NJ, which did not thrill his date. She wasn’t crazy about picking her food up without utensils or the cheesy jousting display. Later, they went out for dessert at a regular restaurant with forks which made her much happier.

Unfortunately, Chris, being the novice he is (never had a girlfriend even in high school), he didn’t know how to wrap up the evening. He ended things in such a rather  clumsy manner. But hey, the mistakes of youth – he just needs some “learning.” Hopefully Patti gave him thesorely needed daitng coaching during the debrief after the camera was turned off.

Looking forward to more of Patti’s midlife dating clients in future episodes. Keep it coming Patti!

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  1. Is albi still available for dating….? He needs someone who is fun but at the same time goal oriented. I would love to give a go at it; and I don’t care for his status, I have my own!!!!


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