Millionaire Matchmaker Instructs Client “Don’t Bring Your Posse”

Patti Stanger & Dating Coaching

 Jason is completely full of himself and sees his date only as an extension of who he is, not as a separate and unique  individual. They go out for sushi and the drinking begins. His date, Amy, doesn’t drink much, so when Jason orders Saki bombs, he gets to drink hers too. That’s four drinks right there, never mind the first one or what came after that they didn’t mention.

Millionaire Matchmaker Club rules state a two drink maximum and when Patti asked Jason why he chose to ignore this, he explained, “thats how I always do it.”

After their dinner, Jason went to what looked like a private roof top bar so he could show off his eye-candy and personal accessory, Amy, to his posse. Wouldn’t you just want to curl up and die of embarrassment? What a horrible thing to put such pressure on a person on a first date. Not one buddy or even a couple – there were five drunk and rowdy guys. Can we say I-N-T-I-M-I-D-A-T-I-N-G?

Jason said he wanted Amy to see what she was getting into. But let’s think about this for a minute…is he too insecure without his boys? Does he think this is normal to bring your girl to hang out with your posse? I would think a posse type guy would understand that the posse is not a place to bring your girl. None of the other guys had women with them -probably because they don’t have any. Can’t imagine why…

As a dating coach, this is what I would advice Jason. Let your boy time be with your boys. And let your date time be with your date. How can Jason possibly think that he can get to know a woman without this investment of his pure attention? The only answer is that’s he’s still a child. Until he’s interested in changing his ways, he will not find a girlfriend.

The other millionaire was David, who Patti described as a gay, critical, “manorexic.” Good one Patti! She literally asked him if he ever eats. David is highly focused on maintaining his looks which is probably a good thing since he doesn’t have much to work with. He is unrealistic beyond belief about who he can attract, regardless of his money.

David took his date furniture window shopping. How fun is that? Too indulgent – NOT. He talked about all the expensive items he was considering – oh my. At one point while at dinner, David actually uttered the words,”I hate people” which completely turned off his date, Christo. Would anyone think that was endearing?

Both her clients this week need heavy duty work. Patti threw Jason out on his ass which he deserved. If David is really open to change and he did listen to  Patti’s dating coaching, he might be able to open his heart and learn to like people. a basic prerequisite for finding a loving partner.

Did you watch the Millionaire Matchmaker last week? Patti Stanger sure had her hands full with these two NY bachelors.  The first guy, Jason, is a 30 year old teenager who starts drinking at 10:30am (well, he did on the show that day). What a handful!

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